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Top 10 Posts of 2017

The year of 2017 was a huge upgrade from its predecessor. Despite starting with a Sugar Bowl loss, there were many good things to follow.

The basketball team, while they ended up with similar results, well, you could tell things were getting better. As this new season has shown, it’s definitely better. The baseball team was an out away from a Super Regional. The softball team took a slight step back, but were still a top team in the nation. The football team ended the regular season in the Top 10 with two wins over the #1 team.

I’ve said it every year since its inception, and I’ll say it again: this site goes with the success of the football team. So things were a little rocky for the first half of the season and then boomed later in the season. That said, this was a pretty good year for the ‘Blogle.

There are things that can be better, and I will attempt to do them in 2018. I have an idea that’s been in the works for a year that will grow this thing. It will grow it big. I just have to do it. You’ll see.

But before we get to that, let’s take a look back at the ten most popular posts of 2017. You actually read a few things that I wrote, and for that I thank you.

10. ESPN’s Sports Science Analyzes Carl Lawson

Posted: 4/28/17
Views: 2,047

Carl Lawson is a beast, and sometimes beasts need to be studied to understand what makes up their beastlihood. Yes, that’s a word.

Auburn football players are no stranger to the studies done by ESPN’s Sports Science. In fact, Carl is the 4th Auburn Tiger to be weighed, measured, and found not wanting by the show. To nobody’s surprise, they’ve determined that he’s the hardest hitting defensive player they’ve ever studied.

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9 (tie). When Roman Reigns Almost Retired Brandon Cox

Posted: 4/3/17
Views: 2,064

If you’re a fan of wrestling – the admittedly-fake kind – you know that WrestleMania was last night. If you are just some dude that breathes air, you know who the Undertaker is and about how long he’s put on the tights. You may have to be a newer fan of wrestling to know who Roman Reigns might be.

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9 (tie). 2017 National Signing Day Running Post

Posted: 1/31/17
Views: 2,064

For the EIGHTH consecutive year, War Blogle will be THE PLACE to get all of the no-frills Auburn info on National Signing Day. For most outlets, this day is like Christmas and they have a shiny new pet full of all the bells and whistles ready to overload your brains with every signing announcement. Who cares, right? That’s why I’m here.

Keep hitting refresh on this post and you’ll see who signed when and where and maybe even a few predictions and rumors. It’s simple. It’s straight-forward. It’s all you need.

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8. The 2017 Iron Bowl Score Shirt is Here

Posted: 11/27/17
Views: 2,124

Auburn beat Alabama in the 2017 Iron Bowl and it’s time for you to make sure everybody knows it. The score shirt from Fanatics is here, and it’s classy and simple and doesn’t have any big words on it so Alabama fans will understand it, remember the game, and then leave you alone for a year. There is also a long sleeve option here.

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7. A ‘War Eagle’ from Capitol Hill at Sessions Hearing

Posted: 1/11/17
Views: 2,382

William Smith is an Ozark, Alabama native and was the first African American to serve as chief counsel for the Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee. He is currently chief of staff for Rep. Gary Palmer (R-AL). Today, he spoke on Capitol Hill as part of the Senate Judiciary Committee’s confirmation hearings for Attorney General nominee Jeff Sessions.

As he ended his statements, he used those two special words we all know and love. And get this, he got his undergraduate and law degrees from the University of Alabama. I guess he switched his allegiances after the other night.

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6. From the Other Sideline – Clemson

Posted: 9/6/17
Views: 2,387

clemsontom1Clemson Tom (@ClemsonTom) has been labeled as Clemson’s biggest fan. For some unknown reason, Bleacher Report labeled him the biggest fan in sports for two years straight and ESPN had him on College Gameday twice. He’s been weirdly quiet this offseason, but I was able to bring him out of his adulthood cave and got him to answer a few questions. He still has it in him, but I don’t think he’s feeling too good about this weekend.

1. What’s the first thing Clemson fans think of when they think of Auburn football right now?

Right now? Probably a win against a team that gets hype due to conference affiliation. Y’all used to have tradition, but since Cam left, it’s been a sad state of affairs over there.

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5. Stripe the Stadium for Mississippi State

Posted: 9/28/17
Views: 2,445

Since Auburn fans have done such a good job striping the stadium before, Auburn wants you to do it again this weekend against Mississippi State. Makes sense. I just wish Auburn would win one of them. Yeah, Auburn is 0-2 in striped football games and 0-1 striped basketball games. Either way, let’s just do it. Don’t make me shame you again.

Take a look at the map below so you know what to wear. Basically, if you are in your same seats as last year, wear the opposite color. It’s a good thing we’re back to blue being in the student section so that the navy blue blazers won’t stick out.


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4. Auburn Unveils Jordan-Hare South Endzone Upgrades & Recruiting Area Renderings

Posted: 4/5/17
Views: 2,917

Renovations and upgrades to Jordan-Hare’s South endzone, specifically the locker room and a new area or recruits, have been a topic for the last few months.

In an email from AD Jay Jacobs today, season ticket holders were given some detailed info along a few renderings to let them know of the plans. Most of us will never see these changes, but they are definitely nice and needed. The biggest difference will be the new press/operations box in the Southwest corner. Can’t wait to hear the beat’s thoughts on that.

Because I want all of us to feel included, here is the email (with renderings) from Jay. It’s lengthy.

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3. From the Other Sideline – Georgia

Posted: 11/9/17
Views: 3,702

cb-bioCory Brinson from is a college football writer and twitter personality (@TheBlawgHouse) that writes about Georgia football. Cory writes with an X’s and O’s perspective and, while a big Bulldog fan, still writes using the facts of the game, not opinions (his words). You may remember him from 2011 when he was part of one of the most commented-on posts ever. I have his email address if you want it.

1. What is a Georgia fan’s thoughts of Auburn football at this exact moment?

Our thoughts on Auburn are that they’re the next opponent on our schedule. You see, unlike previous years, Kirby even has us fans bought into the process. Auburn is a faceless opponent that we’re going to go out and try and beat the will out of and empty Jordan-Hare by halftime.

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2. SEC Championship Game Hype Video: “Survival”

Posted: 11/27/17
Views: 6,729

War Eagle Productions has been on top of the video game over the last few weeks. Now that Iron Bowl week is over and we’ve all turned our eyes to Atlanta, they have released the SEC Championship Game hype video below. It’s basically a reminder to Georgia of what happened three weeks ago. Good song choice.

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1. Shedrick Jackson Commits to Auburn in Awesome Video

Posted: 6/28/17
Views: 16,902

I’m usually not one for recruiting commitment videos. I’d rather wait and see the guy do something on the field before saying it’s worth the effort. But in this case, when you’re the nephew of Bo Jackson, and the video is this well done (by, I’m all for it. After all… it runs in the family.

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So that’s it for 2017.Thanks for everyone that stopped by. Here’s to a bigger and better 2018.

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