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It’s A Dirty Job, and I Wouldn’t Mind Doing It

Plainsman Park is one the best looking stadiums in College and Minor League Baseball. Baseball America named it THE best in 2003. But what grabs your attention when you walk up the steps and enter the stadium? The grass. The dirt. The field.

Here’s a little ‘Blogle trivia tidbit for you: the summers following my junior and senior years of high school were spent dragging dirt and chalking lines for little league baseball games. It was hard work (when we weren’t eating nachos in the concession stand), but I loved it. It’s also why I love this video that chronicles the every day duties of Auburn’s baseball grounds crew.

It’s probably the most serious and detailed video focusing on baseball turf and dirt management you’ll ever see, but it’s very interesting… at least to me.

What’s with all the squinting? They couldn’t wear a hat or sunglasses for the interviews?

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TheAuburnGirl 03/15/2012 at 9:21 am

That was very interesting. I notice the baseball team isn’t afraid of orange uniforms.

I do have a question, though, after watching the clip, all these groundskeepers–are they Auburn fans? or is it just pride in their job that keeps them going?


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