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Get Over Yourself and Stripe The Stadium

Way back in April, Auburn announced that the 2015 Ole Miss game would be designated as the “Stripe the Stadium” game. The idea has been used by other schools, and when executed nicely, can look really cool. But for whatever reason, the Auburn fans that hate nearly everything about Auburn have expressed their disdain for the idea across social media.

“This will never work!” “I’m wearing whatever color I want to wear!” “Auburn doesn’t need these gimmicks!” “We look like copycats!” “How about we worry about winning a football game?!”


I do slightly agree with that first one. It does seem that for the most part, Auburn fans don’t follow rules very well when it comes to wearing a certain color. It took a few years to convince fans to wear orange. Now there’s the True Blue game every year that doesn’t get much cooperation, either. (Of course, Auburn could fix this by putting the cheapest orange or blue shirt in every seat. It would cost them maybe one quarter’s worth of concessions.)

But this is different. This is an actually coordinated effort to do something a little more difficult. As I said, if it’s done right, it looks really cool. If it’s not done right, it will look like Arkansas did last week. And I’m pretty sure the ones complaining that Auburn is trying this thought to themselves how bad that looked, as well.


The thing is that at least half of the stadium will participate, so you might as well. Otherwise, it will look like Arkansas, and people watching the game will notice, and tweet, and write how stupid it looked. Your “boycott” won’t resolve the problem. It will just make Auburn look unenthused about a fan event.

And if you think is Auburn being a copycat, Auburn didn’t play football first, so they were already a copycat. Darn. Striping the stadium has been done enough that it’s not a gimmick and it’s not copying anymore. It’s just a cool thing, again, if it’s done right.

What’s wrong with this? Nothing. It looks awesome.


So get over yourself, find your section below, and wear the corresponding color. Nobody is going to see you as mindless member of the fambly. It’s okay to participate in something. Nobody’s telling you what to do, or what to wear. They are helping you be part of something that could look really cool.

In fact, Auburn will be doing one of those 360-degree panoramic pictures before the game, so yeah, you be that guy wearing orange in the blue section. We’ll all look at how cool you are.

Just do it.

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BCraven 10/30/2015 at 12:36 am

I won’t be there but please let this work. I’d love to see us finally coordinate something like this.


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