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Week 5 Predictions: Separation Saturday

After a lackluster start to the season, I’ve absolutely killed it in Week 3 and Week 4. Puke and rally. Puke. and. rally. Or something.

Last week: 8-2 (80.0%)
This week: 6-4 (60.0%)
Overall: 45-20 (69.2%)

We finally got some teams exposed to show what they really were last week. This week there are multiple chances to separate them even further. It’s Separation Saturday.


Arkansas at Georgia – Do we finally get to see a real Arkansas score at the expense of watching Georgia look really good? I guess, but it’ll be worth it.

Georgia 42, Arkansas 10

Georgia 37, Arkansas 0 – SUCCESS

Tennessee at Missouri – Auburn should be in the SEC East. Can you imagine how less stressful your weekends would be? Both of these teams are meh to the max.

Missouri 20, Tennessee 17

Tennessee 62, Missouri 24 – FAILURE

Ole Miss at Alabama – This is another one of those unwinnable scenarios for us. Either Alabama kills Ole Miss, which gets people to calm down about Ole Miss, but makes everybody think Alabama is the bestest of all time again. Or Ole Miss plays Alabama close, which should prove Alabama isn’t that good, but will be perceived as BOTH Ole Miss and Alabama being good. Or Ole Miss wins a close one and it means BOTH teams are good. They only likable scenario is Ole Miss blowing them out, but we’ve seen that before and it didn’t matter enough.

Alabama 34, Ole Miss 24

Alabama 42, Ole Miss 21 – SUCCESS

Troy at South Carolina – South Carolina wasn’t embarrassed to the highest level by Georgia and they lost to Kentucky by six points. That’s normally embarrassing, but I guess not this year. Maybe the Gamecocks aren’t the worst team of all time. And apparently Troy is bad. Yeah, just checked, they lost to UL-Monroe. Any team that loses to them is forever bad.

South Carolina 31, Troy 13

South Carolina 23, Troy 14 – SUCCESS

Florida at Kentucky – I don’t know why this game always sticks out to me. I remember Kentucky beat Florida for the first time in a 100 years a few years ago. I think I always remember it because their colors pop and they both have the same blue. Kentucky think it’s a big game. They struggled with Chattanooga and South Carolina. Now they’ll get blown out by a mediocre team. It’s not a big game.

Florida 34, Kentucky 7

Kentucky 20, Florida 13 – FAILURE

Mississippi State at Texas A&M – Both teams lost close games against fellow mediocre teams last week. The loser of this one is done. It will be the Maroons.

Texas A&M 27, Mississippi State 23

Mississippi State 26, Texas A&M 22 – FAILURE

UConn at Vanderbilt – Oh wow, we’re really doing this. A non-conference team as bad as Vanderbilt is flying multiple hours to come play Vanderbilt? And we wonder what’s wrong with this world.

Vanderbilt 10, UConn 3

Vanderbilt 30, UConn 28 – SUCCESS

Auburn at LSU – Check back tomorrow for the game preview, but SPOILER ALERT: there is no curse.

Auburn 34, LSU 20

Auburn 24, LSU 19 – SUCCESS

Other Games of Note

Oklahoma at Kansas State – The Sooners could’ve lost to Tulane, they probably should’ve lost to West Virginia. Their fans want the backup quarterback. Kansas State is good enough to win and they will.

Kansas State 28, Oklahoma 24

Kansas State 37, Oklahoma 31 – FAILURE

Baylor at Oklahoma State – I guess we think Baylor is good again? Yeah, they’re ranked. The Cowboys won’t let that last long. Yeah, didn’t you hear? Cowboys hate bears. Especially Baptist ones.

Oklahoma State 41, Baylor 17

Oklahoma State 24, Baylor 14 – SUCCESS

Now that you know who will win, head on over to the 2021 War Blogle Pick ’em and get your picks in. There will be weekly prizes and an overall winner at the end of the season. It’s easy. Do it.

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