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Week 4 Predictions: SEC Season in Swing

That’s how you do it. When you falter one week, you go 12-2 the next week. It’s how professionals handle business. I’ll be handling more business this week.

Last week: 12-2 (85.7%)
This week: 8-2 (80.0%)
Overall: 39-16 (70.9%)

We finally have more SEC on SEC action. The national slate is terrible, but we’ll get a good idea of what the SEC might look like this season.


LSU at Mississippi State – What if I told you that the Maroons have been the most impressive of these two teams? Given that Mississippi State should’ve lost to Louisiana Tech and did lose to Memphis (although I wouldn’t count the loss due to the huge officiating blunder), that’s saying a lot about LSU. They lost to UCLA and have looked ok against inferior opponents. Remember last year? LSU should be out for revenge. They are probably a little better than they’ve appeared. Mississippi State is worse than they’ve appeared. It’s in Starkville. This one will be really close.

LSU 28, Mississippi State 27

LSU 28, Mississippi State 25 – SUCCESS

Missouri at Boston College – Nobody goes into the alma mater of Bruce Pearl and comes out alive. Missouri is blah.

Boston College 24, Missouri 21

Boston College 41, Missouri 34 – SUCCESS

Georgia at Vanderbilt – The #DWAGS continue their murderer’s row through the SEC East. How do they do it? No really, how do they get 6+ cake walk SEC games every year and not win the national championship? Because they’re Georgia. That’s why.

Georgia 42, Vanderbilt 7

Georgia 62, Vanderbilt 0 – SUCCESS

Texas A&M vs. Arkansas (Arlington, TX) – Texas A&M is playing with their backup quarterback. They were overhyped and over-ranked before. Now they’re really overhyped and over-ranked.

Arkansas might be the quickest incorrectly hyped team of all time. They started the season with 0 votes in any poll. Then they trailed Rice at the half. Then they beat Texas (who is unranked, laughed at, and will never be back). Then they beat Georgia Southern as they should (but with five 3-and-outs). Where are they ranked? 16th. There are only 15 teams better than Arkansas. Yeah…

Voters are stupid. This game pits their two overhyped golden boys against each other. If one is blown out, they’ll find a reason to justify it. If it’s a close game, both will probably move up 5 spots in the poll. Can they both lose?

Texas A&M 31, Arkansas 20

Arkansas 20, Texas A&M 10 – FAILURE

Tennessee at Florida – Remember when? Tennessee is years away. Florida looks worse than they’ve been under Dan Mullen. Oh, they played Alabama close without a passing game? That’s more telling about Alabama than you lazily thinking Florida is good. This one won’t be close and it will only further your laziness.

Florida 34, Tennessee 10

Florida 38, Tennessee 14 – SUCCESS

Kentucky at South Carolina – Ah, the SEC East. Kentucky could’ve lost to Chattanooga last week. South Carolina was beaten badly by Georgia as expected. Ah, the SEC East.

Kentucky 17, South Carolina 14

Kentucky 16, South Carolina 10 – SUCCESS

Southern Miss at Alabama – Tyrone Protho ain’t walkin’ through that door! Alabama will continue to struggle, Saban quits at halftime, Dennis Franchione comes out of retirement to lead Alabama to a 9-3 record.

Alabama 38, Southern Miss 9

Alabama 63, Southern Miss 14 – SUCCESS

Georgia State at Auburn – Check back tomorrow for the game preview, but SPOILER ALERT: Tigers>>>>>>Panthers.

Auburn 42, Georgia State 10

Auburn 34, Georgia State 24 – SUCCESS

Other Games of Note

Notre Dame vs. Wisconsin (Chicago, IL) – This game is being played at Chicago’s Soldier Field. College Gameday will be there. Why? Because there’s nothing better this week. And that’s sad. Notre Dame is equal to Arkansas right now and Wisconsin has looked whatever. Big, boring football. Breathe it in.

Wisconsin 18, Notre Dame 17

Notre Dame 41, Wisconsin 13 – FAILURE

Clemson at NC State – NC State started this season with a big win over South Florida, then they lost to Mississippi State. Clemson has a loss, and maybe should’ve lost to Georgia Tech. This has gone on far too long. Clemson is done. This is an upset special.

NC State 34, Clemson 28

NC State 27, Clemson 21 – SUCCESS

Now that you know who will win, head on over to the 2021 War Blogle Pick ’em and get your picks in. There will be weekly prizes and an overall winner at the end of the season. It’s easy. Do it.

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