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Ranking the SEC after Week 11

I took a week off from ranking last week. (I was in Savannah and forgot.) But I’m thinking every other week gives you actual reasons for moves than just one win or loss from the week before. Sure, let’s go with that.


1. Georgia (10-0)

The Bulldogs finally beat somebody with a good record by a big margin. The thing is the opponent was Ole Miss. But the won the SEC East.

(Last week: #1, beat Ole Miss 52-17)

2. Alabama (9-1)

The Crimson Tide went to the Bluegrass and beat a faltering Kentucky to win the SEC West. Who cares?

(Last week: #2, beat Kentucky 49-21)

3. Missouri (8-2)

I will never believe that they are actually that great. They’ve lost to the two good teams they’ve played, and impressively beat Tennessee who hasn’t been that great all season either. But who else goes here?

(Last week: #7, beat Tennessee 36-7)

4. Ole Miss (8-2)

We knew a beatdown to a good team was coming.

(Last week: #3, lost at Georgia 52-17)

5. LSU (7-3)

When LSU is cooking, they are cooking. But they have three losses and there isn’t much more than can do to improve where they are now.

(Last week: #4, beat Florida 52-35)

6. Auburn (6-4)

Now we’re talking.Three straight wins gets you above some of those sad SEC East teams that live off the same schedule they make fun of you for beating.

(Last week: #9, beat Arkansas 48-10)

7. Tennessee (7-3)

It was fun to watch them lose to a team called Missouri while surrounded by Tennessee fans in an Atlanta bar. I’m not sure how you get destroyed by a team called Missouri and think you should be able to continue playing football.

(Last week: #6, lost at Missouri 36-7)

8. Texas A&M (6-4)

Yes, they have the same record as Auburn and beat Auburn, but they fired their coach, so they are definitely no longer the same team.

(Last week: #8, beat Mississippi State 51-10)

9. Kentucky (6-4)

The Wildcats have moved on to basketball season. What’s that? They lost last night, too? Dang. That’s tough.

(Last week: #10, lost to Alabama 49-21)

10. Florida (5-5)

We once thought Florida was not good. Then we thought they might be good. Now we know that they aren’t good.

(Last week: #5, lost at LSU 52-35)

11. South Carolina (4-6)


(Last week: #12, beat Vanderbilt 47-6)

12. Arkansas (3-7)

Arkansas had a lot of close losses, but then they had a not close loss. They are probably better

(Last week #13, lost to Arkansas 48-10)

13. Mississippi State (4-6)

Might be the only team to lose a game by 41 and have the winning team fire their coach, so then you think you have to fire your coach, too.

(Last week: #11, lost at Texas A&M 51-10)

14. Vanderbilt (2-9)

Ok, they’re bad.

(Last week: #14, lost at South Carolina 47-6)

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