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Week 4 Predictions: Now We’re Talking

Week 3 brought us some SEC action. That means the picks start getting tougher, but I only missed one game from inside the conference. Dumb Arkansas couldn’t hold their own against BYU and the thicker kicker actually made a kick for Missouri to get the out of conference win over Kansas State.

This week: 8-3 (72.7%)
Last week:
10-3 (76.9%)
Overall: 47-9 (83.9%)

As more SEC games start popping up each week, it’s only going to get tougher. And goodness, pretty much every conference game could be a toss-up this week. If you want outside-the-SEC picks, go check out The Auburn Emporium’s predictions for the week.


Kentucky at Vanderbilt – The annual Cellar Bowl is back. Vanderbilt is definitely doing its part. Kentucky is 3-0 after monumental victories over Ball State, Kent State (by 11), and Akron. Kentucky isn’t good, but Vanderbilt is bad bad.

Kentucky 31, Vanderbilt 17

Kentucky 45, Vanderbilt 28 – SUCCESS!

Ole Miss at Alabama – Ole Miss has put up a lot of points and beaten two decent teams in Tulane and Georgia Tech. Alabama really doesn’t have a quarterback and the fanbase has already given up,. Seriously. Ole Miss could win by 17+ points, but they also have Lane Kiffin as their coach and I feel like Saban won’t lose to him his last go ’round.

Alabama 34, Ole Miss 27

Alabama 24, Ole Miss 10 – SUCCESS!

UTSA at Tennessee – The Vols lost to a very boring Florida team last week, but gets the week off with the Roadrunners this week.

Tennessee 42, UTSA 10

Tennessee 45, UTSA 14 – SUCCESS!

Charlotte at Florida – Florida somehow put it together enough to beat a Tennessee team that can’t score points despite having a quarterback that can throw it a quarter mile. Charlotte is Charlotte.

Florida 38, Charlotte 7

Florida 22, Charlotte 7 – SUCCESS!

Arkansas at LSU – Remember when this was the Friday after Thanksgiving game? Remember when Houston Nutt beat eventual national champion LSU in triple overtime? Remember when Arkansas was actually good? I don’t. LSU got on track a little last week against Mississippi State. They’re facing the same level of team this week.

LSU 31, Arkansas 10

LSU 34, Arkansas 31 – SUCCESS!

UAB at Georgia – The Bulldawgs won’t score a point in the 1st quarter. They’ll slop around, then they’ll win by 20 because their opponent isn’t very good, which is apparently how the #1 team in the nation is allowed to play in 2023.

Georgia 42, UAB 9

Georgia 49, UAB 21 – SUCCESS!

Memphis at Missouri – The Tigers are gonna win this one. Good one, Blogle. Missouri is nothing special, but they’re riding a high after last week’s big game-winning field goal. Memphis is actually 3-0 after some nothing wins and knocking off Navy last week. It’ll be close for a little bit.

Missouri 27, Memphis 14

Missouri 34, Memphis 27 – SUCCESS!

Mississippi State at South Carolina – The Maroons were humbled by LSU last week. South Carolina exposed Georgia, but then turned back into South Carolina last week. Mississippi State changed offenses and shouldn’t have. South Carolina is probably better than them.

South Carolina 23, Mississippi State 17

South Carolina 37, Mississippi State 30 – SUCCESS!

Auburn at Texas A&M – Check back later for my prediction in the game preview, but SPOILER ALERT: Kyle Field isn’t scary.

Auburn 31, Texas A&M 21

Texas A&M 27, Auburn 10 – FAILURE

Other Games of Note

Florida State at Clemson – Clemson was embarrassed by Duke, and since has beaten two cupcakes badly. Florida State had a weirdly good 4th quarter against LSU, destroyed somebody, and then should’ve lost at Boston College last week. Boston College boasts a 3-point win over Holy Cross. As funny as everybody wants it to be, and as not great Clemson is, I think Florida State has come back down to Earth and winning in the fake Death Valley will be the toughest situation they’ve faced.

Clemson 34, Florida State 24

Florida State 31, Clemson 24 – FAILURE

Ohio State at Notre Dame – I have no idea how good either one of these teams are this season. I saw somebody say Notre Dame is good, but not championship good. I saw somebody say that Ohio State is good, but not Ohio State good. Yeah, none of their scores are greatly impressive, but both teams are 3-0. I’m going to give it to the home team even though I don’t ever remember the Irish beating a good team.

Notre Dame 28, Ohio State 21

Ohio State 17, Notre Dame 14 – FAILURE

Now that you know who will win, head on over to the 2023 War Blogle Pick ’em and get your picks in. There will be weekly prizes and an overall winner at the end of the season. It’s easy. Do it.

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