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Week 3 Predictions: Finally, Some SEC-on-SEC Action

Well, Week 2 was perfect until Deion ruined it. But this 29-3 start is the best of all time, I think. But is 29/32 really just 90%? Seems low.

This week: 10-3 (76.9%)
Last week:
15-1 (93.8%)
Overall: 39-6 (86.7%)

We finally have some SEC-on-SEC action this week. It means I don’t have to predict 100 games, but it also means the predicting games gets tougher. But I think I’m on fire this year.


LSU at Mississippi State – The Maroons are one of those teams that the media feel sorry for while also liking the new head coach, so they are getting way too much credit. LSU got way too much credit before the season, but destroyed Grambling last week. They are slightly back on track and Mississippi State just isn’t that good.

LSU 34, Mississippi State 14

LSU 41, Mississippi State 14 – SUCCESS

Kansas State at Missouri – This is an old Big 12 matchup. I’m sure it means a lot to them. It doesn’t to me. Everybody really wants Missouri to be decent. They aren’t. Kansas State isn’t bad. Wildcats on top.

Kansas State 30, Missouri 23

Missouri 30, Kansas State 27 – FAILURE

South Carolina at Georgia – Why is this always their first SEC game? It’s probably not, but I always remember it that way. Both teams have been busts (so far) compared to the hype they got in the preseason. South Carolina, as expected, has been more of a bust. Georgia will trail 3-0 after the 1st quarter, and then win by a lot.

Georgia 42, South Carolina 13

Georgia 24, South Carolina 14 – SUCCESS

Alabama at South Florida – Don’t hurt yourself, you wittle bitty Tide. Him’s a big stwong guy leaving the state to pway a non-confwence game. Against the big… strong… cows with horns of South Florida. Alabama is not that good. They’ll win big because it’s South Florida, but they aren’t that good.

Alabama 38, South Florida 10

Alabama 17, South Florida 3 – SUCCESS

UL-Monroe at Texas A&M – Watch out, Jimbo. This team has been known to sneak up on guys that win due to recruiting and nothing else.

Texas A&M 31, UL-Monroe 7

Texas A&M 47, UL-Monroe 3 – SUCCESS

Tennessee at Florida – Remember when? I saw somebody say this week’s slate was weak, and then I saw it  was Tennessee-Florida week and I was like NO WA… yeah, you’re right. Tennessee is not what SEC Network wants them to be, and Florida is not good. The Vols will win an ugly one.

Tennessee 28, Florida 17

Florida 29, Tennessee 16 – FAILURE

Vanderbilt at UNLV – Is Vanderbilt everybody’s cupcake? They’ve played Hawaii, Wake Forest, and UNLV in the non-conference before September is halfway over. Those are like real names and not a Ball State. I think Vanderbilt is other conferences’ cupcakes now.

UNLV 17, Vanderbilt 16

UNLV 40, Vanderbilt 37 – SUCCESS

BYU at Arkansas – The Hawgs went to BYU last year and won 52-35. The Hawgs aren’t as “good” as they were last year. BYU only beat Sam Houston State 14-0 in Week 1, so they probably don’t have enough to come into Fayetteville and get a win.

Arkansas 31, BYU 10

BYU 38, Arkansas 31 – FAILURE

Akron at Kentucky – The Wildcats have been on a tear this year. A 30-point win over Ball State and then an 11-point win over Eastern Kentucky. This would show that they’re getting worse, right? Akron has always been awful, but they have a 24-21 loss to Temple and a 24-21 win over Morgan State. So yeah, they’re still awful.

Kentucky 30, Akron 17

Kentucky 35, Akron 3 – SUCCESS

Georgia Tech at Ole Miss – The Rebels went to Tulane last week and came out with a 4th quarter win. Now they host Georgia Tech. Kind of a weird non-conference schedule right there. Ole Miss will win a close one. All those points will fizzle out eventually.

Ole Miss 41, Georgia Tech 34

Ole Miss 48, Georgia Tech 23 – SUCCESS

Samford at Auburn – Check back later for my prediction in the game preview, but SPOILER ALERT: Bulldog beatdown while things are locked down.

Auburn 56, Samford 7

Auburn 45, Samford 13 – SUCCESS

Other Games of Note

Minnesota at North Carolina – Is this really a game of note? The issue is that every good game already involves an SEC team. These two are both 2-0. Minnesota isn’t as good as the time they beat Auburn in the bowl game. North Carolina has proven to be aight.

North Carolina 34, Minnesota 20

North Carolina 31, Minnesota 13 – SUCCESS

Washington at Michigan State – Is this really a game of note? I guess it’s something because Washington is ranked and Michigan State just fired their coach for… stuff.

Washington 38, Michigan State 10

Washington 41, Michigan State 7 – SUCCESS

Now that you know who will win, head on over to the 2023 War Blogle Pick ’em and get your picks in. There will be weekly prizes and an overall winner at the end of the season. It’s easy. Do it.

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