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Stranger Things: Auburn at Arkansas

Auburn returns to Fayetteville this weekend where the last time these two teams met, it went to a four overtime ending that included many STRANGER THINGS. The typical weirdness of this rivalry shouldn’t show up this weekend, but let me remind you of what makes these Hawgs weird so that we don’t forget. Because the STRANGER THINGS will return. It’s Arkansas. You know they will.

1. The better team (Auburn) has lost a lot.

Everybody has that team. Alabama has Louisiana-Monroe. Auburn has Arkansas. For some dumb reason, the Razorbacks have Auburn’s number in years where they absolutely shouldn’t. Let’s take a look at the many instances since 2000.

2001: Arkansas 42, #17 Auburn 17
2002: Arkansas 38, #24 Auburn 17
2006: Arkansas 27, #2 Auburn 10
2008: Arkansas 25, #25 Auburn 22
2009: Arkansas 44, #17 Auburn 23

The real killer was that 2006 game. Auburn ended up beating #2 Florida the following week, but a #1 ranking was there for the taking and Auburn was never really able to get back up to the top that year.


Enough said, but I’ll elaborate a little. He left Wisconsin, where he had three straight top-10 finishes and multiple Rose Bowls, to come to Arkansas? Sure, the Razorbacks have a long line of coaches that made their name at other places like Barry Switzer, Jimmie Johnson, Jerry Jones, and Bill Clinton, wait, he didn’t coach football, but you get the point.


Bert met his wife at a poker table in Vegas, teamed up with Saban to claim Auburn’s offense was dangerous to player’s health, claimed he hated Auburn in 2015, and then said there is no rivalry in 2016. He has no clue what he’s doing.

He is also the only coach in college football history to look like his mascot at two different schools.

3. Arkansas fans make terrible music videos.

This has been documented on this here ‘Blogle before, but it must be revisited because it may be the strangest of all.

You’ve all probably seen LIZHONEY2U over the past few years. She’s since taken a hiatus from putting on the Hawg hat, the $18 Logitech headset with adjustable Garth Brooks microphone, and the Scotch tape from the tip of her nose to her glabella, but there’s plenty of LIZ out there to see.

But it doesn’t stop there. Just go look. I’ve compiled many, many examples. Arkansas fans make terrible, terrible music videos. I don’t know whether to laugh or feel bad.

Auburn is a big favorite this weekend, and they should be because they are the better team. One bad decision that affected a half last week doesn’t change that. There will be no STRANGER THINGS this week.

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