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Utah State Review: Less Than Desirable, But Needed

I have posted my Utah State review on‘s Tigers Corner entitled “Less Than Desirable, But Needed“. Here is how it starts:

Everybody just sit down and take a deep breath. Auburn is 1-0. Half of the teams in the NCAA wish they could say the same. It wasn’t pretty. Actually, it was pretty ugly, but when it came down to it, Auburn did exactly what it took to win against a pesky team that played every down as if they had nothing to lose.

All of last season, Auburn was told they would lose the next one, and they had double digit deficits late in multiple games, but they always found a way to win. One of Auburn’s mottoes for this year is “Tradition Never Graduates.” It appears that resiliency doesn’t either.

You can read the rest here and follow me on Twitter here.

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