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An Update on the ‘Blogle

You may be wondering why this web space has been so barren the last few months. You may care so little that you didn’t even notice. You may care so much that just the idea of a new post makes you wet yourself. Either way, I’m here to tell you that there a some very exciting things on the horizon. I haven’t just been completing P90X, losing 50 pounds, raising a kid, and going on three vacations in the month of July. Well, I guess that is all I’ve been doing, but I’ve got ideas, man, and some of them are going to be coming to fruition very soon…like (maybe) tomorrow soon, later this week soon, and sometime before football season soon. I’m not going to give everything away today, but I will tell you a few things to expect.

I’m sure most of you Dye-hards know that as of this Thursday at 6 pm CDT, we will be exactly 30 days from the kickoff of Auburn’s 2010 football season. To build up anticipation on the upcoming season, I have decided to do a “Top 30 Games at Jordan-Hare Stadium” countdown. The #1 game will be posted the Friday before Auburn takes on the Red Wolves of Arkansas State. I, probably like most of you, usually loathe countdowns and watch lists, but I haven’t seen one this year that was based on games at Jordan-Hare, and since Auburn’s first game is being played at Jordan-Hare I figured, “Why not?”. Besides, I’m sure lots of you will disagree with my order of games, or the fact that I have a few losses thrown in there, and maybe, just maybe, you’ll post a comment and get some banter going.

While we’re talking about banter, let me mention another little update. You may have noticed throughout your years of undying allegiance to the ‘Blogle, that the tagline for the site has always been “A place for Auburn talk and banter”. I never really liked that as a tagline. I just put it up one day and never took it down and so it stuck. “Auburn talk”? That’s just stupid. So, I I’ve been thinking about changing it to something like “Loving Auburn, Hating Bama (or Bammers) since 2005.” What do you think? You make the call.

Another small change that I’ve been thinking about making is getting rid of the email updates to subscribers when a new ‘blogle is posted. In a perfect world, readers would be coming here without the annoying email, but when a blogger takes an entire summer off, the public might need an email letting them know that something was actually posted. I am also pretty sure the emails have the adverse effect with some people. What are your thoughts? Do you get the emails? Do they bother you? Do they work?

Now back to things that at least somewhat matter. The last update that I will give details on is that will not only be undergoing yet another face lift, but a full body restructuring. I’ve gotten tired of the typical blog layout, so I am moving towards more of a news/magazine site style. Don’t worry, this won’t change the normal blog structure of the site. I mean it is called, but I just want to spruce things up and give you more things to look at on the homepage. This should be finished by the time we get to the last 10 of the “Top 30” countdown I mentioned early.

So you’ve got the update for what’s coming later and what’s coming before football season, but as for what’s (probably) coming tomorrow, you’ll just have to wait. All I’ll say is that in terms of building anticipation for the upcoming season, my countdown will excite you about as much as the Arkansas State match-up does.

Don’t forget to let me know what you think about changing the tagline and email notifications, and go ahead and give your thoughts on some of the top thirty games at Jordan-Hare. See you tomorrow…maybe.

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BEATUAT 08/03/2010 at 1:47 pm

The changes sound great. If you need any help with the top 30 let me know.

Youngliferob 08/04/2010 at 8:47 am

Some of my favorite games at JH Stadium:
1989 Bama
1990 UT (tie)
1990 FSU
1988, 1993, 2001, 2006 UF
1989, 1996 LSU
2003 UT – the most consistently loud game I have ever witnessed.


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