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A Quick Look at Auburn’s 2024 Football Schedule

After a long wait to build hype, and a few leaks by certain teams, the SEC finally released the 2024 football schedule. Aside from the fact that the Alabama-Georgia, Alabama-LSU, and Oklahoma-Texas games were given byes for both teams to hopefully have great TV spectacles, only one schedule matters. That is the schedule of the Auburn Tigers.

The schedule is broken up in very distinct sections, which has it’s good parts, it’s dumb parts, and it’s whatever parts. But let’s take a look at each of those sections, why don’t we?

Aug. 31 – ALABAMA A&M
Sept. 14 – NEW MEXICO
Sept. 21 – ARKANSAS
Sept. 28 – OKLAHOMA

The first five games are at home. People that don’t pay too much attention were aghast at FIVE STRAIGHT HOME GAMES. Well, if you paid attention, you would know that Auburn started 2022 (last year) with five straight home games as well. This also occurred in 2016, and without the opener in Atlanta against Washington, would’ve been the case in 2018.

Point is, it seems to happen a lot every other year or so. The SEC is obviously using old schedules as templates. Some like it because it’s a good way to start 5-0. Some people are already feeling the pain of five straight tailgates.

Looking at the opponents, the opener should be a blowout. Cal will likely have lots of new faces in the spots that were semi-successful in Berkeley this past season. I hope the game is at 9am CT. New Mexico (not State) will likely be a blowout. Arkansas without their quarterback of the last decade will be the first tough task, but likely not very tough.

The biggie is Oklahoma, who will be playing their first SEC road game in the history of their program. They will be replacing a quarterback and their entire offensive line. I see this one being a very, VERY fun Saturday in Auburn, regardless of the outcome. But I see Auburn winning anyway.

Oct. 5 – at Georgia
Oct. 12 – BYE
Oct. 19 – at Missouri
Oct. 26 – at Kentucky

After FIVE STRAIGHT HOME GAMES OMG, the Tigers go on the road to Athens. Remember how Auburn started with five straight home games in 2022? Yeah, their 6th game was a road game in Athens. I’m telling you, the SEC is just straight up copying itself.

After Auburn plays Georgia (the week after Georgia goes to Alabama), the Tigers have their 1st of two byes for the season. They then go to Missouri, who is currently riding the high of a measly schedule. I believe next year will look more like Missouri and Auburn will help with that. Then Auburn goes to Lexington which is a great trip, but the whole stadium smells like bourbon for miles around.

So if you’re keeping score at home, Auburn has literally not a single game in Jordan-Hare in October, the greatest month of the year, the month built for football. This is not the first time that has happened either. In 2019, Auburn spent all of October out of Auburn. In a few cases, Auburn has played the first weekend of the best month and not returned until November. I want Halloween in Jordan-Hare Stadium like God intended. But yes, again, the SEC just copies old schedules.

Nov. 9 – BYE
Nov. 16 – UL-MONROE
Nov. 23 – TEXAS A&M

After a month away, Auburn then gets three straight at home. They start with Vanderbilt, who will be dreadful again, and is returning to Auburn for the first time since 2016. After a beatdown, Auburn gets their 2nd bye week. Yes, everybody is getting two byes this year. It happens every five years or so due to the way the calendar falls. It is a very important bye between Vanderbilt and UL-Monroe. Thanks, Greg Sankey!

Then Auburn finishes up their home schedule with a new look Texas A&M. I guess they are the Georgia in this new Amen Corner.

Nov. 30 – at Alabama

And after all of that, Auburn has to go to that place again for an Iron Bowl. Will Nick Saban still be there? We’ll have to wait and see.

A 5-0 start would do a lot and it’s definitely possible. 4-1 would be the absolute floor. A 5-0 team going to Athens would be massive, and as we saw with teams like Missouri this year, a strong start makes the rest of the season a little easier. Momentum goes a long way. The October away from home could be 3-0, could be 2-1, could be 1-2, and worst case obviously could be 0-3. I have no idea what it will be, but 2-1 (and 7-1 overall) seems pretty good.

The 2nd home stand should be 2-1 at worst, but could very well be 3-0. So we’re probably looking at 8-3, 9-2, or 10-1 going into the Iron Bowl. That’s not homer. That’s real. It’s an okay schedule, I just hate October.

Alright, let’s win a bowl game.

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