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Week 4 Predictions: More Boring Games & Auburn/LSU

Things were a little better last week. I at least got back on the winning side of things. And I told you Stanford would beat USC, didn’t I? I guess picking Ole Miss to upset Texas kind of negates that, but anyway. Is it me, or have there been lots of not very good match-ups so far this season? It seems like Auburn is playing somebodies while the rest of the league is polishing up against North Texas and FAU. That will change soon enough, I guess.

Last Week: 9-3
This Week: 10-2

Overall: 37-11 (77.1%)


Ole Miss at Tulane – Wait, wait, wait. You get big ol’ Texas to come to your house, then you travel to Tulane? I mean granted, you did play like a team that should be traveling Tulane last week, but still. This is the most Ole Miss thing ever. I guess they’ll still win though.

Ole Miss 38, Tulane 17

Ole Miss 39, Tulane 0SUCCESS!

Kentucky at Florida – Well it looks like Florida is going to stroll to an impressive record while playing teams that appear to be better than they are. Wins over Texas A&M and Tennessee are “impressive” I guess, considering how inept Florida looked the first game of the season, but those aren’t great teams. The problem is that Florida will only play maybe two great teams all season. They’ll kill Kentucky.

Florida 45, Kentucky 10

Florida 38, Kentucky 0SUCCESS!

Missouri at South Carolina – In case you had forgotten, this is an SEC East matchup. East. Missouri. East. Yep, smart huh? Both of these teams have had trouble keeping their starting quarterbacks healthy. If they are in, the teams are pretty strong. If not, they’re mediocre. We’ll see if both can stay off the cortisone and finish a game under their own power.

Missouri hasn’t impressed yet, but South Carolina has impressed me even less. Therefore, I think Missouri gets their first SEC win against Gamecocks.

Missouri 31, South Carolina 24

South Carolina 31, Missouri 10FAILURE

Florida Atlantic at Alabama – Michigan (who almost lost to Air force), Western Kentucky, the worst Arkansas team in years, and Florida Atlantic. Tough schedule. It’s obvious we know everything about how good Alabama is right now. o_O

Alabama 56, FAU 6

Alabama 40, FAU 7SUCCESS!

Rutgers at Arkansas – This game will be the first true measuring stick for the Razorbacks. We know they are bad, but are they as bad as they’ve looked? The blowout to Alabama was understandable, and the loss to ULM were due to a lot of fluky factors, but if they can’t beat Rutgers, knowing everything that is on the line, then they truly are terrible. With Wilson back, I don’t think they will lose to Rutgers.

Arkansas 34, Rutgers 24

Rutgers 35, Arkansas 26FAILURE

South Carolina State at Texas A&M – The two new teams in the SEC will be fighting to look like they fit in for a few years. Part of that is staying relevant to the fans of the league. Playing at SMU and at home against South Carolina State in back to back weeks is not the way to do that.

Texas A&M 54, South Carolina State 9

Texas A&M 70, South Carolina State 14SUCCESS!

South Alabama at Mississippi State – The Bulldogs continue their slate of teams from the state of Alabama (Auburn, Troy the last two weeks). Don’t push yourselves too hard, you Fightin’ Mullens. I wonder what Megan thinks about this one. You think she has a natural hate for jaguars, making this the 3rd most important game on the schedule?

Mississippi State 38, South Alabama 10

Mississippi State 30, South Alabama 10SUCCESS!

Akron at Tennessee – Terry Bowden returns to Knoxville!!! Wait, did he ever coach Auburn against Tennessee at Knoxville? Nope, he actually never did. He should have beaten Peyton in the SEC Championship Game that year, but anyway…

The Zips come into a downtrodden Neyland Stadium, keeping the game interesting for long enough to keep the natives restless.

Tennessee 31, Akron 20

Tennessee 47, Akron 26SUCCESS!

Vanderbilt at Georgia – They always fight in this one, don’t they? Well, I mean, it is a Georgia game. Of course they’d try to fight the guys they’ll be working for in a few years. Wait, nevermind. I’ve never known a Vandy grad to manage a McDonald’s.

Georgia will win, padding their record, while James Franklin questions his grass roots campaign to get people excited about a losing football program. NERDS.

Georgia 31, Vanderbilt 14

Georgia 48, Vanderbilt 3 SUCCESS!

Other Games of Note

Michigan at Notre Dame – Let me open up about something. I don’t hate Notre Dame. I love Rudy. Great movie. What I hate are the old fogies that put Notre Dame in the top 10 after beating nobody just because of the glory days.

Well, last week they beat Michigan State pretty convincingly. If they can beat Michigan this week, that’s even more impressive. Again, if Notre dame wants to be good – consistently – I don’t have a problem with that. Until they play Auburn.

Notre Dame 24, Michigan 20

Notre Dame 13, Michigan 6SUCCESS!

Clemson at Florida State – Florida State may be good. They may be very good. But all we know right now is that they have blown out one of the worst schedules in the nation. For some reason, with each blowout of a cupcake, the media gets more and more excited about the ‘Noles returning to prominence. Guys, I don’t know if y’all know,but Florida State has only had one good stretch in their entire history. They used to be terrible, forever. If they blowout Clemson, I’ll start to believe they may be on a new stretch.

They’ll win just because of home field, but it won’t be a blowout.

Florida State 38, Clemson 30

Florida State 49, Clemson 37SUCCESS!

**Upset Alert**

Oregon State at UCLA – Yeah, not many options this week. Somehow UCLA is ranked. And somehow Oregon State has only played one game. a win over Wisconsin. I’m going off that and giving the Beavers the win. They better watch out, though. Beavers are never welcome in LA.

Oregon State 28, UCLA 17

Oregon State 27, UCLA 20 SUCCESS!

Twitter Prediction

LSU at Auburn – Wow. I guess none of you read my post earlier this week. If you did, I don’t expect to see the stadium even half full. Not only were the amount of entries low, but the numbers you entered were entirely depressing. Smh…

What is wrong with you people? It’s just a dang Twitter prediction. Nobody’s gonna care or even know if you go all homer. I mean, I have a whole blog based on homerism. It’s ok. I hope none of you cheer when Auburn wins Saturday night. Oh, and to the guy who picked LSU to win 42-6 and then said “I hope Auburn wins, though,” yeah, just get out of here. -____-

LSU 31, Auburn 24

LSU 12, Auburn 10SUCCESS!

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BloglianSteve 09/20/2012 at 11:48 pm

Best case scenario… Frazier comes out after practicing his reads and doesn’t miss a beat. He’s throwing deep, over the middle and making plays with his feet because McCalebb and company are ripping huge runs. Sammie Coats starts emerging as another deep threat and great receiver complimenting Quan Bray and Emory Blake. Special teams continue to be special. Gabe write and Jeff Whitaker make huge strides and start bring amazing pressure to the line that ultimately takes notice off the great pass rush. The LB’s actually don’t look lost and and are protecting the middle of the field against the short past which hasn’t happened since 2007or 20010… idk I can’t remember. For the DB’s, the same applies accept for deep passes and CB’s are getting their head around and swatting balls and doing what CB’s should be doing instead of being just ‘in the way.’
Worst case scenario – We lose like crazy.

Jack Coll 09/21/2012 at 12:29 am

My advice to my fellow AUites attending the game is to follow John Belushi’s Animal House advice to “drink heavily” and yell like crazy. Stranger things have happened and this team needs you now more than ever. WDE!

Jack Coll AU ’78

WarEagleDG 09/21/2012 at 8:15 am

I like the way you think!
After all, it wasn’t over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor!
~Dean ’04

J 09/21/2012 at 1:19 pm

The Germans bombed Pearl Harbor…? Musta missed that in the history books…

FlyAuburn13 09/21/2012 at 4:19 pm

Auburn: 100 LSU: 3


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