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Week 2 Predictions: Still No SEC-on-SEC Action

Not too bad for Week 1. There’s a lot of guessing and assuming since we’ve seen nothing real. My only misses were LSU and TCU, which could’ve gone either way. Let’s see what this week holds.

This week: 15-1 (93.8%)
Last week:
14-2 (87.5%)
Overall: 29-3 (90.6%)

We still don’t have an SEC-SEC game yet, which means you get 14 SEC predictions, which means I have to write 14 SEC predictions. Yippee.


Vanderbilt at Wake Forest – Some real nerd on nerd action here. Vandy is 2-0, but hasn’t played anybody. Is Wake Forest anybody? They’re anybody enough.

Wake Forest 38, Vanderbilt 13

Wake Forest 36, Vanderbilt 20 – SUCCESS!

Ball State at Georgia – The Bulldogs are really being tested after their 2nd championship in a row. It’s going to be really tough for them to three-peat with this murderer’s row.

Georgia 55, Ball State 7

Georgia 45, Ball State 3 – SUCCESS!

Eastern Kentucky at Kentucky – If there is an Eastern Kentucky, how can there be a Kentucky? Shouldn’t there just be North, South, and West Kentucky if East is taken?

Kentucky 34, Eastern Kentucky 6

Kentucky 28, Eastern Kentucky 17 – SUCCESS!

Texas A&M at Miami – Tommy Tuberville was a defensive coordinator at both of these schools. What does that matter? Nothing. Both teams have been talked about a lot the last few years. Both teams will win a game and make you think they are something. Both teams are not something. Miami wins at home.

Miami 27, Texas A&M 21

Miami 48, Texas A&M 33 – SUCCESS!

Ole Miss at Tulane – Did y’all see how many points Ole Miss scored last week? Did y’all see that Tulane is ranked because they are maybe the best little guy team so by default they have to be ranked somewhere between 22-24 just because? I hate them both.

Ole Miss 38, Tulane 17

Ole Miss 37, Tulane 20 – SUCCESS!

Kent State at Arkansas – Nick Saban played at Kent State. Arkansas is the annoying fly that won’t leave you alone at the picnic. Both have ruined our lives at some point are another.

Arkansas 41, Kent State 10

Arkansas 28, Kent State 6 – SUCCESS!

Austin Peay at Tennessee – All aboard the Volunteer Hype Train!!! I volunteer as tribute to watch Tennessee go 8-4 this season.

Tennessee 63, Austin Peay 10

Tennessee 30, Austin Peay 13 – SUCCESS!

Texas at Alabama – Texas should’ve beaten Alabama with a Heisman Trophy Winner* on the roster last year. What will Texas do to Alabama without anything close to a Heisman Trophy Winner on their roster this year? I’m not sure, but I just hope the Longhorns will even take the field since Alabama put the Texas band in the upper deck. THE HORROR!

Texas 28, Alabama 27

Texas 34, Alabama 24 – SUCCESS!

Middle Tennessee State at Missouri – The Blue Raiders (and Ball State) are on a little SEC tour, huh? This one will be a lot easier than last week’s. Not because Alabama is that good, but because Missouri isn’t.

Missouri 34, Middle Tennessee State 17

Missouri 23, Middle Tennessee State 19 – SUCCESS!

McNeese State at Florida – The Gators are coming off an embarrassing loss. It’s not that losing to a ranked Utah was embarrassing. It’s that they looked like they hadn’t practiced any offensive plays. McNeese isn’t even a state, though.

Florida 48, McNeese State 0

Florida 49, McNeese State 7 – SUCCESS!

Grambling at LSU – The Tigers are coming off an embarrassing loss. It’s not that losing to a ranked Florida State was embarrassing. It’s that they looked like they didn’t know that football games have a 2nd half. Grambling isn’t even a state, though.

LSU 56, Grambling 7

LSU 72, Grambling 10 – SUCCESS!

Arizona at Mississippi State – Interesting little matchup. The Maroons beat the Wildcats 39-17 last year. The Wildcats beat Northern Arizona 38-3 last week. That doesn’t seem like enough to me. I don’t know why, but some people think Mississippi State will be pretty good this year. Not seeing it, but they’ll win this one barely.

Mississippi State 20, Arizona 17

Mississippi State 31, Arizona 24 – SUCCESS!

Furman at South Carolina – Well, you can guarantee that a team from the State of South Carolina will finally win a game this week. (Furman is from South Carolina, too)

South Carolina 38, Furman 7

South Carolina 47, Furman 21 – SUCCESS!

Auburn at Cal – Check back later for my prediction in the game preview, but SPOILER ALERT: Midnight Massacre.

Auburn 42, Cal 17

Auburn 14, Cal 10 – SUCCESS!

Other Games of Note

Nebraska at Colorado – It’s being said that Colorado fans will outnumber Nebraska fans AT the Colorado stadium. Can you believe it?! Look, I have no problem with Colorado, or Deion, or any of that at face value. But if I’m going to be told I’m a doubter or be told that I’m not being enough of a Colorado fan, I will change my tune. Nebraska is better than TCU this year.

Nebraska 24, Colorado 21

Colorado 36, Nebraska 14 – FAILURE

Southern Miss at Florida State – Florida State is the greatest football team of all time because they beat LSU badly in the 2nd half, and it was the only game on, so everybody saw it. That’s how it works.

Florida State 34, Southern Miss 10

Florida State 66, Southern Miss 13 – SUCCESS!

Now that you know who will win, head on over to the 2023 War Blogle Pick ’em and get your picks in. There will be weekly prizes and an overall winner at the end of the season. It’s easy. Do it.

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