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The First Look – Georgia Bulldogs

After days and days of scandals, rumors, and “garbage”, it’s good to finally get back to some football talk. Wait, Jack wants to talk about the Cam Newton stuff? Okay, fine…

Pandora’s Box
by JackTheRabbit

I’m not sure what’s going really. There’s so much speculation about what Cam did or didn’t do that it’s too much to take in. I do know several things though.

I know that Evan Thayer and others in the sports media have lost all credibility and integrity. I know that most of them have no regard for Cam Newton as a person. I also know that Georgia and Alabama are in trouble.

Media members have continually tried to release what seems to be ridiculous allegations that stretch as far as an unpaid parking ticket while he was at Florida. I’m not going to revisit everything that’s happened. You can probably find out everything you need to know on your mother’s recipe blog. What I want everyone to keep in mind is that there’s more to all of this than some pretentious sportswriter who feels as though he’s not accountable for tearing down the character of a 20-something year old kid (as if that isn’t sad enough).

There’s a larger snake in the grass that has yet to be uncovered, and I hope that whoever it or they may be are exposed. Sports journalists that take pride in their profession should try to make up for what their colleagues have done in reducing their craft to the hear-sayers of TMZ and The National Enquirer.

You may ask yourself, “What does this have to do with the UGA game?”

All I have to say is that there is something UGA coaches and players watching film should ask themselves. You’ve seen what Cam Newton can do on the field when he’s having fun and happy. What will he do when you make him mad?

My prediction: Auburn 38, Georgia 21

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