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Ranking the SEC After Week 4

Pretenders exposed. Real contenders? Who knows. That rhymed. Things we knew finally got some of its proof. Some teams are still hanging on to some fake records, though.


1. Georgia (4-0)

Georgia’s only struggle game was against Clemson, who now has two losses and just lost to NC State. Should we start holding that game against the #DWAGs?

(Last week: #1, beat Vanderbilt 62-0)

2. Alabama (4-0)

Bret Favre did not show up. Alabama beat a team like they should.

(Last week: #2, beat Southern Miss 63-14)

3. Auburn (3-1)

Auburn is the team that went on the road and should’ve beaten Penn State. Auburn is not the team that couldn’t get up for Georgia State, played half the game without their two best defensive players, and other things.

(Last week: #3, beat Georgia State 34-24)

4. Florida (3-1)

The Gators dismantled the Vols as we all expected. This win did nothing but bump them above Ole Miss who had the week off and when you think about it has done nothing but beat bad teams.

(Last week #5, beat Tennessee 38-14)

5. Arkansas (4-0)

They aren’t this good.

(Last week: #7, beat Texas A&M 20-10)

6. Ole Miss (3-0)

Take a week off, reflect on what you’ve done, and realize “eh, it’s not that much.”

(Last week: #4, Bye week)

7. Texas A&M (3-1)

We knew they weren’t that good. We knew they’d be worse without their starting quarterback. It just took an SEC team to expose it.

(Last week: #6, lost to Arkansas 20-10)

8. LSU (3-1)

LSU has won three straight since being embarrassed at UCLA, but should we be excited by a 3-point win over the Maroons?

(Last week: #8, beat Mississippi State 28-25)

9. Kentucky (4-0)

This is the most fake 4-0 record you’ve ever seen. Could’ve lost to Chattanooga, should’ve lost to South Carolina who won’t get out of the cellar of the SEC for a while.

(Last week: #10, beat South Carolina 16-10)

10. Mississippi State (2-2)

Yes, one of their losses shouldn’t be official, and one is by 3 points to LSU, and yes, one of the wins is against NC State, who just beat Clemson. But I watched them play LSU, and 10th is nice.

(Last week: #9: lost to LSU 28-25)

11. South Carolina (2-2)

The Gamecocks are honestly playing better than I thought they would so far this season.

(Last week: #11, lost to Kentucky 16-10)

12. Missouri (2-2)

You don’t pretend to be SEC for a decade and then go into Bruce Pearl’s alma mater and come out alive.

(Last week: #12, lost at Boston College 41-34)

13. Tennessee (2-2)

I don’t know what else to say about Tennessee. Are they better off right now than what they were last year?

(Last week: #13, lost at Florida 38-14)

14. Vanderbilt (1-3)

After showing signs of hope two weeks ago, they are right back to being where they’ll be all season long.

(Last week: #14, lost to Georgia 62-0)

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