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2023-24 Auburn Basketball Personified in One Play

While Auburn was closing out their win over Vanderbilt, their 15th of the season, one play showed us just how good Auburn can be this season. There was already a play earlier in the game that had elite ball-sharing but ended with an airball by KD Johnson. Then this one showed up.

The play started with a missed 3-pointer by Chad Baker-Mazara, followed by an athletic rebound, tightrope save by Denver Jones, who passed it to the man on the court that did not miss a single shot all night, who fooled the entire world with a pass-fake, followed by a spin and drive, ending with a perfect behind-the-back pass to Denver Jones who had just ran back in bounds in the corner where he made the save, culminating in string music while the Auburn bench exploded. It was perfect.

Auburn is good. Really good. They are typically up 15 points in most every 2nd half which allows them the freedom to play loose and do things like this. Here’s to more plays that should be #1 on SportsCenter.

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