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Interesting Tidbits after Tennessee

You’ll get your Tennessee Review later today and we may have a guest blogger for our weekly View From Up Here. Otherwise, take a look at these findings from around the sportoweb.

  • As we all know, Auburn jumped into the rankings this week (AP-#17/ Coaches’-#19). As we all know, it’s about time. And as we all know, it’s probably a little too low, especially when you look at the teams ahead of the Tigers. The Coaches’ poll still continues to amaze me. Last week they had Oregon ranked six spots below Cal, the team they had beaten 42-3 the day before. This week, their top 5 looks like this: Clemson, Waffle House, Puppies, Temple, and Whiskey. Something has to be done about this.
  • has updated their 16-team bracket and obviously Auburn has moved up a few seeds.
  • has Auburn holding steady in the top 10, and also gives Coach Chizik some love in this week’s Who’s Hot.
  •‘s SEC Blogger Chris Low moves Auburn up a spot in his Power Rankings this week. My only problem with his rankings is the fact that he has LSU above the Good Tigers. After the “Great Mississippi State Escape” and the pukefest that was the game with UGA, how could they be ranked anywhere near the top 5 of anything, besides the Most Mediocre Teams Still Riding the We Have Talent Card poll? Update: it looks like LSU may have a chance to steal another one this week. Urban Meyer says that Tebow will not practice today and has not yet been cleared to play this weekend against the Purple Tigers. Could be a ploy to fool the Hat though.
  • This one’s simple:‘s recap of the Tennessee game. Sorry, I’m still getting used to people talking about Auburn. There’s actually a pretty good highlight video on there too, lots better than the three plays in the 4th quarter that Gameday Final showed.
  • Mark Schlabach of remembers Auburn in this article about the seven undefeated teams that people are just now starting to notice. Auburn is number one on that list.
  • The SEC has released it’s players of the week and two Tigers have made the list, but don’t expect one of them to be Offensive Player of the Week. That spot is reserved for stats like this: season-high 95 yards (yes that says season-high 95 yards) and two touchdowns (both of which came in the final 3 minutes of the game after 57 minutes of around 60 total yards) on 19 carries. Do you know who I’m talking about yet? Yep, that’s Mr. Charles Scott of the LSU Talented Tigers. Verne Lundquist just couldn’t wait to vault Scott to Heisman status after his first 5-yard run. He’s back, and we should fear Mr. Season high 95 yards five games into the season. Oh and those two touchdowns? First two of the season.
  • Dave Curtis of The Sporting News talks about Auburn’s turnaround and tells them not to get comfortable in the lower end of the rankings in his What We Learned.
  • Dan Wetzel of Yahoo! Sports talks about the Auburn fan base’s belief in Chizik and his coaching staff and how far it’s come. (For the record, I never doubted Chizik. I just heard what the administration said about money not being a problem, and then we go after a guy that obviously wasn’t on the top of anybody’s list. I have loved Chizik ever since he said yes.)
  • Charles Goldberg of The Birmingham News defends the amount of points and yards that Auburn’s defense has given up late in games that were out of reach. It’s about time someone said this besides a homer like me.
  • Kentucky at Auburn will be at 6:30pm CDT on ESPNU.

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beachguy05 10/05/2009 at 2:19 pm

Yet another great post. I thought I was the only one that could see us going into Baton Rouge undefeated…maybe even into Tuscaloosa undefeated. Looks like the sports media is starting to warm up to that fact as well.


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