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Ranking the SEC after Week 5

There’s lots of movement this week. In fact, 8 of 14 teams have different homes compared to last week. There was a big win or two, a surprising win or two, and some really bad performances or two. That will cause changes. YOU’LL NEVER GUESS WHERE I HAVE AUBURN.


1. Alabama (4-1)

Ok fine, nobody’s that good and Alabama has the biggest win of the SEC. If you want to call going into the first big matchup of the season and obliterating the opponent who’s stature was unclear due to their previous wins.

(Last week: #4, beat Georgia 38-10)

2. LSU (4-0)

A week ago, LSU struggled with Syracuse and won by 10 points. This past weekend they were leading Eastern Michigan 20-14 at the half. Fournette is still running wild, but the rest of the team is starting to show, or maybe they’ve just been bored. Maybe that lofty ranking after beating Auburn was premature. Thanks, though.

(Last Week: #2, beat Eastern Michigan 44-22)

3. Texas A&M (5-0)

I still have no clue about the Aggies. They beat Arkansas in overtime, and then controlled Mississippi State from start to finish. I think they’ll end up being middle of the road by the end of the season, but for now they are near the top.

(Last week: #5, beat Mississippi State 30-17)

4. Florida (5-0)

No, I do not think Florida is the best team in the SEC because they blew out Ole Miss who mostly handled Alabama from start to finish. The Gators have struggled with East Carolina and Kentucky, who just needed overtime to beat Eastern Kentucky.

(Last week: #6, beat Ole Miss 38-10)

5. Georgia (4-1)

The Dawgs are just in the 5th spot because I don’t know where to put them. They were blown out by Alabama, but does that mean anything?

(Last Week: #3, lost to Alabama 38-10)

6. Ole Miss (4-1)

Yes, the Rebels beat Alabama, but they struggled with Vanderbilt last week and were blown out by a probably-not-that-good Florida this week. Their win in Tuscaloosa will probably end up being a fluke.

(Last Week: #1, lost to Florida 38-10)

7. Mississippi State (3-2)

The Bulldogs are just middle of the road, and that’s where they’ll be all season.

(Last week: #7, lost to Texas A&M 30-17)

8. Auburn (3-2)

Auburn won, but I can’t move them above Mississippi State this soon. They did get better, and I still say that this is the lowest they’ll be ranked for rest of the year.

(Last Week #8, beat San Jose State 35-21)

9. Missouri (4-1)

Missouri beat South Carolina. So what? They won’t have Maty Mauk for a while, but I don’t think it’ll matter. The said thing is that they’ll probably stay around here for a while, but can and might still win the SEC East.

(Last week: #11, beat South Carolina 24-10)

10. Kentucky (4-1)

Just when everybody wanted to say that the Wildcats were ready to join the party, they needed a comeback and overtime to beat a team called Eastern Kentucky. They’re still Kentucky, folks.

(Last week: #9, beat Eastern Kentucky 34-27 OT)

11. Arkansas (2-3)

Just when you wanted to throw the Razorbacks out for the season, they slip up and beat Tennessee on the road. I wonder what Bert sacrificed.

(Last week: #13, beat Tennessee 24-20)

12. Tennessee (2-3)

Some said Tennessee would be back. Some said they were a year away. I say there is no return in sight. They simply cannot win a game in the 4th quarter.

(Last week: #10, lost to Tennessee 24-20)

13. South Carolina (2-3)

The Gamecocks are… yeah, that’s it. They just are.

(Last week: #12, lost to Missouri 24-10)

14. Vanderbilt (2-3)

Vanderbilt’s two wins are over Austin Peay and Middle Tennessee State by 4 points. You’ll be here all year, Commodores.

(Last week: #14, beat Middle Tennessee State 17-13)

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IndigoWolf 10/08/2015 at 1:29 am

If you asked me like 2 weeks ago, I wouldn’t have guessed that Alabama would be sitting at number 1 right now. I would have pegged them at around 3rd or 4th but not 1st with they team that they have right now.


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