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Week 14 Predictions: Rivalry Week

I’m not one to brag, and I realize 75% is nothing to gloat about, but you may want to go look at my score predictions from last week. They are, like, scary close. Therefore, you may want to bet the barn on the numbers the crystal ball showed me this week.

This Week: 6-4 (0.0%)
Last Week: 6-2 (75.0%)
Overall: 96-39 (71.1%)


LSU at Texas A&M – Both of these teams are currently in the bottom half of the SEC West. The winner could end up as high as third if a few things happen this weekend. Both teams are coming off bye weeks that followed games they both probably should’ve won but didn’t. Just because the SEC is weird, I’m going to pick LSU. It’s weird because LSU was blown out by Auburn, but Texas A&M dumbfounded Auburn.

LSU 27, Texas A&M 24

LSU 23, Texas A&M 17SUCCESS!


Arkansas at Missouri – If Missouri wins, they go to the SEC Championship. Normally, I’d be against that. Now that Georgia would go if the Tigers lose, I’m all Missouri this weekend. The only problem is that Arkansas is sort of on fire. They haven’t given up a point in their last 10 quarters. That includes a half against Mississippi State, and full games against LSU and Ole Miss. But I think they’ve done all they can do this year. Missouri at home on a weird day will be too much.

Missouri 38, Arkansas 20

Missouri 21, Arkansas 14SUCCESS!


South Carolina at Clemson – South Carolina has beaten Clemson five times in a row, and while Clemson isn’t that strong this year, you have to feel like they’ll finally end that streak against a down South Carolina. But South Carolina has won games in this current streak they definitely shouldn’t have, and they’ll do it again Saturday because Spurrier owns Dabo.

South Carolina 31, Clemson 21

Clemson 35, South Carolina 17FAILURE

Georgia Tech at Georgia – Georgia is coming off a bye week after beating Auburn while losing Gurley again. As we saw, it won’t matter. Georgia Tech’s offense will give them fits for a half, but Nick Chubb will win the game for the DWAGS. And hey look, Georgia’s playing another noon game at home! Seriously, they have to have the record on that.

Georgia 35, Georgia Tech 17

Georgia Tech 30, Georgia 24FAILURE

Kentucky at Louisville – Kentucky has been on the cusp of being bowl eligible since the sixth game of the season, but have lost five in a row. It will be six in a row after this weekend. But their basketball team tho…

Louisville 45, Kentucky 13

Louisville 44, Kentucky 40SUCCESS!

Florida at Florida State – It’s completely setup isn’t it. Muschamp on the way out. One last hoorah. Beat his rival. End their post season hopes. It’s like it’s meant to be. But isn’t that how almost all of Florida State’s games have been this year? They could be down 500-0 at halftime and they’ll win 501-500 on the last play. It’ll happen again this week.

Florida State 31, Florida 28

Florida State 24, Florida 19SUCCESS!

Mississippi State at Ole Miss – This is being dubbed the biggest Egg Bowl of all time. That’s fun and all, but are we acting like Ole Miss doesn’t have three losses and just lost to Arkansas by thirty points? I get that everyone in Mississippi wanted it to be huge a month ago, but the stakes are a little lower now. I understand that Mississippi State still has a chance to get to Atlanta and still has a shot at the playoff, so maybe we should just call it the biggest Egg Bowl for Mississippi State in history. They’ll win.

Mississippi State 24, Ole Miss 10

Ole Miss 31, Mississippi State 17FAILURE

Tennessee at Vanderbilt – It’s that annual clash to decide who gets bragging rights in Tennessee for the whole year. I say this every year, but we have got to fix this. Auburn is playing Alabama as their rival. Georgia has Georgia Tech. Florida has Florida State. Tennessee has…. Vandy? A joke, it is.

Tennessee 31, Vanderbilt 7

Tennessee 24, Vanderbilt 17SUCCESS!

Auburn at Alabama – Check my game preview tomorrow, but SPOILER ALERT: just as even as it was a month ago.

Auburn 34, Alabama 28

Alabama 55, Auburn 44FAILURE

Other Game of Note

Michigan at Ohio State – It’s so cute when those from the North, or anybody outside of the Southeast for that matter try to make this the biggest rivalry in college football. Why? Because football in the North used to be king while the South was going through Reconstruction? It’s kind of like Russia claiming that they are still the best in women’s weightlifting. They probably are, but it doesn’t matter anymore. Just like the Big 10 doesn’t matter anymore.

Ohio State 41, Michigan 14

Ohio State 42, Michigan 28SUCCESS!

Now that you know who will win, head on over to the 2014 War Blogle Pick ’em and get your picks in. There will be weekly prizes and and overall winner at the end of the season. It’s easy. Do it.

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