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Top 10 @WarBlogle Tweets of 2013

WarBlogle_twitterYes, this site is called War BLOGle, but Twitter is it’s lifeline. As my Top 10 Posts of 2013 showed, people don’t like to read anything of length these days, so for that reason Twitter thrives. It’s actually good for both parties, 140 characters are easy to read just as they are easier to write than a 1000 word passage on Auburn’s defensive line play. People like the quick and dirty.

So for the first time, I’ll be vain and post my Top 10 @WarBlogle Tweets of 2013. No, it’s not my favorites of my own tweets. These are the 10 most retweeted tweets. That’s how I measure success of a tweet. Some people go by number of favorites. I go by retweets. So here they are. Just like the Top 10 posts, most came from the last month of the season.











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