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Gameday Tweets – South Carolina

  • GAMEDAY BABBAYYYYUYY!!! #auburn #lamecocks #
  • Tweet me pictures of your tailgate or your on-campus, gameday activities. #auburn #
  • Smokin’ Gamecocks. What you cooking?#auburn #wareagle #tailgating #
  • RT @thejuiceisgood Had no idea Dyer is so much bigger than Lattimore – #
  • @IamKennyIrons23 When are you getting on campus? in reply to IamKennyIrons23 #
  • Today’s SEC game winners: Tennessee, Florida, Fresno State, Mississippi State, Arkansas, West Virginia, and Auburn. #NCAA #cfb #
  • Very light crowd on campus so far. Lot of Gamecocks. What are you doing? Get out here! #auburn #
  • Didn’t see it. Still waiting on tv. Anybody know? RT @Jnolen0319 @WarBlogle who did Gameday crew pick today? #
  • That’s more like it. RT @auburnbeat Traffic already very slow on south college. Stop and go all the way back to taco bell. #
  • RT @Number10Shirt @WarBlogle Desmond and Kirk picked Auburn. Lee picked USCe. #
  • No. RT @GregfromPelham @WarBlogle 3-1 USC #
  • RT @bfhonthetee @WarBlogle picabo street picked USC. She’s pregnant and therefore hormonal. She is also a bama fan. #1998OlympianReally #
  • The Hogs lead the Tide 17-7 at the half. Are we that lucky? Is my blog that Nostradamus-y? Will I rub it in every commenters face? #
  • @IamKennyIrons23 Where you at? in reply to IamKennyIrons23 #
  • Meet the WarBlogler and buy some tickets. Got two and three together. Tweet me back. #auburn #lamecocks #
  • RT @auburnbeat Lineup updates: Mike Dyer will start at TB (not Mario Fannin). Brandon Mosley will start at tackle (not John Sullen). #
  • An Auburn golf cart with Mike Dyer riding shotgun just turned in front of me pulling onto College St. I am dead serious. #auburn #wareagle #
  • RT @auburnbeat “Cam Newton” is a worldwide Twitter trending topic, for what it’s worth. #

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jls1125 09/26/2010 at 10:30 am

Love this blog site! I’m so sick of reading bama comments. It’s like they feel empty if they don’t denigrate other teams. They can’t even be happy with their own wins! They feel so threatened by Auburn that they feel the need to post disrespectful comments anywhere and everywhere.


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