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Final Designs of Auburn Baseball’s New Clubhouse

The Auburn baseball locker room, also known as the clubhouse to those in the know, will be getting a face lift very soon. The company responsible for these renovations, infinity ARCHITECTURE, has now released images of the how the final product will look.

The updates will include flat-screen TVs that only show Braves games featuring Tim Hudson (he did donate $1 million), names of past all-stars hovering over players’ lockers to remind them that they will never be as good as they were, and… GHOSTS?! Come on! Are we STILL paying for 2010? I knew the basketball arena was built on an old Indian burial ground, but now baseball, too? That’s just not fair.


Seriously though, these renovations look really nice (view the rest of the images here), and should put Auburn back near the top in the baseball facilities race. Mix that with a championship hire at head coach and Auburn should be looking at better days very soon.

Ganked from @thejuiceisgood‘s feed.

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