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Week 7 Predictions: Let’s Do a Little Exposing

Don’t look now, but the average is about to hit 80%. We’re working up to all-time best level here. And now that I say that, I’m sure I’ll miss every game this week. I did take some chances on a few because I was feeling it, so it’s entirely possible. I still picked Alabama to win, though, so I feel a little dirty.

Last Week: 6-1
This Week: 5-3

Overall: 55-16 (77.5%)


Alabama at Missouri – The Alabama Crimson Tide has taken on the Michigan Wolverines without their starting RB, the Arkansas Razorbacks without their starting QB, and will take on the Missouri ‘we don’t belong in the SEC’ Tigers without their starting QB as well. And if you think back to their last undisputed national championship in 2008, they beat Texas without their starting QB for most of the game, too. We’ve finally find out Saban’s secret: play an easy schedule, but if they have to play a team that shouldn’t be as simple, he sends some of his hellfire towards one of their star players. It’s that simple!

The Missouri offense seems like one that may be able to give Alabama’s defense a little trouble, given how Ole Miss was able to score on the Tide. Too bad we won’t see it happen due to the loss of the Tigers’ QB, James Franklin. But yes, let’s continue to let everyone say that Alabama is by far the best team in the country. They’re obviously proving it on the field week in and week out.

Alabama 31, Missouri 12

Alabama 42, Missouri 10SUCCESS!

Florida at Vanderbilt – I just got word that this is the first sell out at Vandy in 4 years. The last was I’m guessing the 2008 Auburn game when Gameday was in town. I know the Commodores would like to think a 40,000 seat stadium full to the brim with screaming fans will help them knock off the 4th ranked Gators, but I’m pretty sure at least half the seats will be taken up by jort-wearing, Croc-footed Florida fans. Sorry.

Florida 34, Vanderbilt 10

Florida 31, Vanderbilt 17SUCCESS!

Kentucky at Arkansas – I have this feeling that Arkansas is now going to take fire and win the rest or most of their games. No, I’m not just saying that so that it would slightly make Auburn’s loss to them look a little better. That’s just Arkansas. They’re weird. It’s just what they do. It also has something to do with the fact that they now have Kentucky, Ole Miss, and Tulsa for their next three games. They will kill Kentucky.

Arkansas 41, Kentucky 7

Arkansas 49, Kentucky 7SUCCESS!

South Carolina at LSUOk, so South Carolina is taking the spot of the team that I loathe this season due to their ranking. I understand that they have beaten everyone they have played. I also understand that they just beat Georgia badly. But who cares? Georgia should have lost Tennessee at home, and was riding a high ranking due to a pansy schedule. Now South Carolina is doing the same thing. Remember when they almost lost to Vandy? Remember when they struggled against Kentucky? Third best team in the nation? Please. More like turd best.

I’m worried that LSU, coming off their first regular season loss in two seasons, is going to be down and let this charade continue, but a night game in DeathValley should be enough to bring the ‘Cocks and Spurrier’s visor back down to earth.

LSU 21, South Carolina 17

LSU 23, South Carolina 21SUCCESS!

Texas A&M at Louisiana Tech – This game was supposed to be played the first week of the season, but was moved due to a hurricane. Now it looks to be a pretty good match-up. Given the way the Aggies looked against Ole Miss last week, I definitely think the undefeated Bulldogs could get the win. They do have Tony Franklin as their offensive coordinator, you know? And it’s in Shreveport. Yeah, upset.

Louisiana Tech 44, Texas A&M 35

Texas A&M 59, Louisiana Tech 57FAILURE

Tennessee at Mississippi State – Yet another lowly opponent for the Fightin’ Dan Mullens. Did you know that they currently rank dead last in the SEC in strength of schedule? But hey, y’all keep riding that ranking. Mullen 4 Heisman! $180,000!!!11!!!1!!!!!!1!!1!!!1!!

Oops, Tennessee wins, tho. Tear down the banner!

Tennessee 28, Mississippi State 21

Mississippi State 41, Tennessee 31FAILURE

Other Games of Note

Texas vs. Oklahoma – Texas lost to West Virginia, who is currently undefeated and ranked #5. Oklahoma lost to Kansas State, who is currently undefeated and ranked #6. They were both close losses. Texas hung around with high powered West Virginia offensively, but couldn’t score enough. Oklahoma slowed down the high powered Kansas State offense, but couldn’t score enough. Basically, it’s great offense versus great defense. Since this is the year of points, I’m going with the Longhorns.

Texas 31, Oklahoma 21

Oklahoma 63, Texas 21FAILURE

Stanford at Notre Dame – I’ll say it again: if Notre Dame is actually good, I have no problem with them. I just hate the love and overhype they’ve gotten over the years while being a 7-win team. Now that they appear to be pretty good, I’m fine with it. Who doesn’t love Rudy?

Stanford, I hate your band. Domes win.

Notre Dame 24, Stanford 17

Notre Dame 20, Stanford 13SUCCESS!

**Upset Alert**

Louisville at Pittsburgh – Pitt looked awful to start the season, but turned it around a little and killed Virginia Tech. There’s a reason Louisville is undefeated and still just ranked 18th. They ain’t real, yo. Panthers will get the early morning upset at Heinz Field.

Pittsburgh 23, Louisville 21

Louisville 45, Pittsburgh 35 FAILURE

Twitter Prediction

Auburn at Ole Miss – The predictions from the twit-fam were a little sporadic today. There was some semi-optimism. There was some major negativity. There was one that went like “Auburn Yes, Ole Miss No”, but I’m not sure what the question was. There were half points and negative points predicted as well. But in the end, a slight Auburn victory was the consensus. Homers.

Auburn 20, Ole Miss 17

Ole Miss 41, Auburn 20 FAILURE

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