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I Attempted to Teach Some Missourians about Auburn

Earlier this week, I was asked by @SpencerKane of the KFRU 1400 radio show “The Closers” (based out of Columbia, MO), to do my best to teach them about Auburn. I have never been put under so much pressure. I mean, can you imagine? The entire state of Missouri was looking to me to explain to them the AU-some of Auburn. It was an enormous amount of responsibility.

The show is currently doing a series where they go through each team in the SEC and learn as much as possible about them over the Summer, and this week it was Auburn’s turn. They had done their research and knew quite a bit already, including the fact that Missouri has a 1-0 record against Auburn and a 3-1 record over Alabama, of which they happily reminded me.

Some of the info regarding the shooting is already out-of-date, but the rest of the info was about Auburn in general… even some basketball stuff. Have a listen below and tell me how I did. The interview was recorded and aired during their live show yesterday. You would have known that if you followed me on Twitter.

[audio:|titles=WarBlogle – KFRU]
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Fearless_True 06/15/2012 at 11:41 am

Well played Sir, you have just dumped a bucket of class on Mizzou’s basketball-shaped head.

SMDAU 06/15/2012 at 10:49 pm

Well done, Blogle! Thought you went a bit off track at the end (I think most of us that follow your blog know where you were going), but recovered well. I think that it’s great that Mizzou is doing a “Get to know the SEC”. Do you have a link for those of us that are interested in hearing all of their interviews?


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