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Twitch Rewatch: Auburn 27, Oregon 21 (2019)

This quarantine has us all looking for new ways to pass the time, so why not watch 40 minute versions of old Auburn games? And why not do it on Twitch (which is probably slightly less than legal) so other people can watch and join in on the commentary as well?

The first edition of Twitch Rewatch (a bad attempt at a name that will likely change) travels back to that 2019 Labor Day weekend on a warm night in Arlington, TX when Bo Nix showed what a little ol’ freshman could do on a national stage.

This was fun. Follow me on Twitch to get notified the next time I go live. If you don’t know what Twitch is, it’s a live video streaming site that is based around video games, but podcasts and such are becoming more prevalent over there. Just do it.

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