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FootballRankings Poll (after Week 12)

Same twelve teams, but mostly in a different order.

1. Auburn (1) – The Tigers got the week off before getting to beat the defending champions and finally, hopefully give the rest of the nation no reason to keep them out of the top spot.

2. Oregon (2) – Didn’t play either, nothing else to say.

3. Boise State (3) – Boise scored 51 on Fresno State. Ole Miss scored 55 on Fresno State.

4. Wisconsin (6) – The Badgers beat up on Michigan a week after scoring 83 points. They are playing very, very well.

5. TCU (4) – Not playing after a lackluster performance will get you jumped, especially when other teams are better than you anyway. I’m so over TCU. Can you tell?

6. Stanford (7) – Beating Cal, who Oregon barely beat a week ago, will move you up in this poll.

7. LSU (5) – I couldn’t do it any longer. LSU, you’re just not very good.

8. Ohio State (9) – The Buckeyes had a good comeback win against a mediocre Iowa team. Keep it up and see where I send you.

9. Alabama (10) – Zzzzzz….

10. Oklahoma State (11) – Nice win over a terrible team.

11. Arkansas (11) – Thank you for beating Mississippi State. It wasn’t pretty, but you did it.

12. Nebraska (8) – The Cornhuskers lost by three on the road to a good team. They also had 75 penalties called against them. Someone wassn’t very happy about them jumping ship next season.

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