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Week 8 Predictions: It’s Gonna Happen…

Took a little bit of a hit last week, but still going strong. Gotta keep grindin’. Rise and grind. Push everyday. Yeah, I have no idea what I’m talking about anymore. Here are the dang predictions.

Last Week: 5-3
This Week: 7-1

Overall: 62-17 (78.5%)


LSU at Texas A&M – The world is outraged that a game such as this is being played at 11 am. Get over it. You get a decent game to watch right after you watch Gameday. This is the perfect matchup. LSU has little offense while Texas A&M has little defense. LSU has much defense while Texas A&M has much offense. What do we do?!

I keep going back and forth. Part of me thinks that an early start and a big home crowd will give Texas A&M some life. But part of me thinks that the Aggies still aren’t ready for the real SEC. I want to see LSU lose (I really don’t know why), but I’m tired of this Manziel talk. I guess I’ll go with the old school SEC.

LSU 24, Texas A&M 21

LSU 24, Texas A&M 19SUCCESS!

South Carolina at Florida – Did y’all know that Spurrier played at Florida?! Yeah, he was like good and stuff. Oh, he coached there too?!!??! Dang. What a storyline. Can’t believe I haven’t heard that before.

South Carolina was slightly exposed last week when they couldn’t knock off LSU’s weakest team in a few years. I still don’t think Florida is that great. They have been impressive, but they aren’t there yet. Either way, the excitement level in Jortland will be enough to get them the win.

Florida 34, South Carolina 21

Florida 44, South Carolina 11SUCCESS!

Alabama at Tennessee – When I think back to every game that I’ve picked involving Alabama over the last three or so years, I think I may have only picked the Tide to lose two or three times. There’s no denying their dominance over the entire human race and even other races outside our understanding. But, I’m doing it. I’m picking the Vols.

One team can not dominate for as long as Alabama has. It’s not in the cards. It’s not how the world works. This is the best Tennessee team that Alabama will have faced in the last five or six years. Bray is by far the best passer they will face and the Alabama secondary has been virtually untested all season. Plus, Alabama has not played in a hostile environment at night all season. I just think it might happen. I promise it’s not wishful thinking.

Tennessee 16, Alabama 13

Alabama 44, Tennessee 13FAILURE

Georgia at Kentucky Kentucky gave up 48 points to Arkansas last week… and the game was called due to lightning in the 3rd quarter. I thank you Kentucky. I thank you so much. I think you know why.

Georgia 41, Kentucky 7

Georgia 29, Kentucky 24SUCCESS!

Middle Tennessee State at Mississippi State – Last week I tweeted that the Tennessee-Mississippi State matchup had the most double letters of any matchup possible. I stand corrected. This matchup wins that distinction by one. There are seven sets of double letters between these two teams. Seven. Seven. SEVEN. <silent>seven</silent> Name the reference.

I wonder when Mississippi State is going to play a good team.

Mississippi State 31, Middle Tennessee State 20

Mississippi State 45, Middle Tennessee State 3SUCCESS!

Other Games of Note

Michigan State at Michigan – I guess this is a big game? Michigan State sure has fallen off haven’t they? And Michigan, they just have never been the same since the Tide stole their dignity and manhood. I’m going to go with the home team in this one just because I don’t care enough to look into the matchups.

Michigan 34, Michigan State 27

Michigan 12, Michigan State 10SUCCESS!

Kansas State at West Virginia – This game was going to be absolutely huge until West Virginia got Tub-stomped last week. I had put all of my national championship rooting interest behind the Mountaineers (only because I love The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia), but now I’ve had to decide between Kansas State and Notre Dame.

With this one being in the hills of West Virginia, I’m going with the ‘eers, but solely on fear factor alone. Have you ever seen Deliverance? Yes, I know it took place in Georgia, but things are much worse in West Virginia.

Kansas State 48, West Virginia 31

Kansas State 55, West Virginia 14SUCCESS!

**Upset Alert**

Cincinnati at Toledo – Yeah, not many to choose from this week. Toledo is undefeated and the game is at their house. Cincinnati is ranked so I guess beating them would be an upset. That’s all I got.

Toledo 38, Cincinnati 34

Toledo 29, Cincinnati 23SUCCESS!

Twitter Prediction

Auburn at Vanderbilt – I hope the lackluster amount of responses this week has something to do with Auburn’s opponent being Vanderbilt. I know it’s not due to people clocking out for the season. I know it’s not. Right?

There were very few jokesters this week. I did get a few like “Auburn 849, Vandy 4” and “Auburn 400, Vandy -7.” That’s not even really possible, guys. Can we please take this more seriously. This is a serious website that talks about serious issues. Seriously. I mean, geez.

Anyway, there were many losses picked, but the average was a touchdown win for Auburn.

Auburn 21, Vanderbilt 14

Vanderbilt 17, Auburn 13FAILURE

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Adam 10/18/2012 at 5:25 pm

Here we go WarBlogle, I want to throw my picks in as we’ll.
I like LSU and their defense to shut down Johnny Football 24-17

Florida over South Carolina, especially with no Lattimore (supposedly) 23-14. Florida’s offense has not set the world on fire but the defense is smothering and creates big plays.

Bama over TN and I think as bad as I hate it Bama will prolly pull away from a pretty close game late and wins by double digits. Bama 31 TN 20

Auburn vs Vandy
Please, please, please, Dear Lord don’t let me see my tigers lose to Vandy twice in my lifetime. I hate this game is such a “must win” but we need a W bad. I think Vandy is still Vandy and AUB pulls out a close one behind 4 Parkey field goals and a Tre Madon TD AUB 19 VANDY 13

Adam 10/18/2012 at 5:30 pm

I have to step in and correct myself, I have fat thumbs so when I should have pushed the s on my iPhone I pushed the d, so obviously I meant Tre Mason.

SabanIsTheDevil 10/19/2012 at 12:11 am

I didn’t get my pick in on time but I’m going Auburn 17, Vandy 14, we win on a kick in OT.

Matt 10/19/2012 at 12:35 am

Name that reference: Friends


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