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FootballTop 30 at Jordan-Hare

Top 30 at Jordan-Hare: #26 Auburn 27, Florida State 24

26. Auburn 27 vs. Florida State 24 – Oct. 1, 1983

How I Remember It: I was born in 1982, so obviously I don’t remember anything first-hand about this game. I have been told by a few old fogies that this was a great one in terms of Auburn’s run for the should-have-been National Championship. I’ve seen a few clips and I know there was a late comeback, but that’s about it.

What Really Happened: Auburn was ranked 10th in the nation, while the Seminoles were 17th coming into this rivalry game. Al Del Greco kicked two field goals in the first half as Auburn took a 20-10 lead into halftime.

Florida State would score a touchdown in each quarter of the second half to take a 24-20 lead. Randy Campbell then led a 74-yard drive, ending it with a 15 yard touchdown pass to Lionel James with 1:59 minutes left in the game.

Florida State would threaten at the very end, but linebacker Gregg Carr would solidify the win with an interception.

Fun Fact: Auburn and Florida State have played 18 times, with Auburn leading the series 13-4-1.

Why did I pick this game? Auburn’s 1983 team was one of the best, and as mentioned above, should have won the National Championship. There was no way I could leave a game from that season off the list, especially with the great comeback at the end.

Play of the Game: Randy Campbell’s touchdown pass to Lionel James in the closing minutes of the game.

Player of the Game: Randy Campbell threw three touchdown passes, including the game winner.

Quote of the Game: “We won, leave me alone.” – Pat Dye (Sorry, couldn’t find one.)

National stories: AP

Notes: Box Score | Auburn Game Program Cover

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Hobbes 08/31/2010 at 11:09 am

Thanks for the help on the registration!

Anyway I was one of the odl fogies at the game as a 23 year old junior (don’t ask).

I need to review the tape but one of the biggest plays was at the end of the first half, pass over the middle to Tommie Agee to set up a FG, he broke several tackles to take it to the end zone.

Also the first drive of the game was a thing of beauty, passing running, my memory tells me we didn’t get past second down. Could be wrong.

I think we had to make two fourth down conversions to win the game at the end.

Anyway that’s how I remember it.

buy resumes 08/11/2011 at 1:20 am

I also don’t remember how it started but I like it now very much!

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[…] 26. Auburn 27 vs. Florida State 24 – Oct. 1, 1983 […]

Bezalel 11/13/2013 at 10:02 am

If I recall correctly, our winning score came when we had two wideouts at left, with only one defensive end lined up across from them. The FSU player was going crazy trying to attract the attention of a teammate to help him cover the Auburn players, but this was right in front of the Auburn student section, and we were yelling so loud that the defensive end couldn’t be heard.

I thought we would throw to one of those two wide receivers, but instead Lionel James went into motion left and Randy Campbell passed to him, the two wideouts took care of the lone defensive end, and “Little Train” scored.


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