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Mississippi State Review


I have posted my Mississippi State review on‘s Tigers Corner entitled “I Promise, I Really Am Happy“. I know it seems like it’s been a week since Auburn played Mississippi State, but that’s what a Thursday night game will do to you. I could have written this earlier, but I didn’t want to mess up my schedule. Plus, anniversaries happen.

Hello, my name is Gus Tuber…uh, Malzahn. Was I the only one that noticed that once Cam threw the interception in the 2nd quarter, the offense almost completely slowed to a halt? I don’t mean the the performance of the players. I mean the plays that were being called. Besides the double pass, that could have been very costly, most of the game plan was Cam Newton left, one of the running backs right. You could really even see the conservative game plan back in the second drive of the game when Malzhan called for Newton to hand the ball off to McCalebb three times in a row, deep in Auburn territory.

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jess 09/13/2010 at 9:32 pm

i think you actually took it easy on ’em. we have a much tougher schedule ahead and our performance last thursday doesn’t bode well for winning those matches decisively or at all. the offensive game plan seemed weak (conservative) and inconsistent to say the least. no points were scored in the second half despite making it into mississippi st’s side of the field multiple times. and the mccalebb run plays 3 times in a row from deep in our own side after forcing them to punt really took all the momentum out of our play. i was sure cam was about to march us down the field with some big ol’ malzahn plays but i was dead wrong. it was a joke and the beginning of the end for our offense. thank god our defense held when it mattered, but ms. st is mostly to blame for having lost that game. they screwed up more than we succeeded. we got lucky. but war damn eagle and i’ll take the W. if you recall, bama got lucky as hell on more than one occasion last season and see where they ended up?? not saying we will, but we do have a lot of talent.


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