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Podcast #8: That’s a Dubya – 2017 Edition

It is my goal this season — in the year of our Lord 2017 — to bring this here War Blogle Podcast back to prominence. I hope to have a weekly guest from Auburn lore, and do this thing right. I’m still doing my daily BlogleSpots, and actually recorded my 200th yesterday, but this will hopefully be a good, lengthy podcast for you to enjoy a few days before Auburn beats their next opponent.

For the last few weeks, I have gotten multiple requests to bring back an old favorite in the podcast world. I am of course talking about our former prediction show called “That’s a W.” So I’ve done that.

We have moderator and subdued Bam, Matt Scalici. We have the Auburn graduate/half-Bam lib, Blake Ells. And we have the King Bam of the Internet, Hunter L. Johnson. The only problem with inviting Hunter was that we had to pick Alabama’s games, too. Don’t worry, I didn’t pick them to go undefeated at all.

I will warn you, though, we’re a little older, a little rusty, and apparently our internet was terrible. So while this is the longest podcast to date, it’s also the shakiest. Listen with patience.

The podcast can be heard on three different platforms:

1. On an iPhone, download the Podcasts app, and then subscribe to the podcast on iTunes. If you’re an Android bro, and know how to subscribe to an RSS feed of podcasts, use this:

2. Listen right here within the friendly confines of the Blogle.

Download the podcast here (right-click to save).

If you have any questions or topics that you want my next guest and I to discuss next week, leave them in comments.

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