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Tubby Smith Hired as Auburn Basketball Coach (sorta)

Update: The deadline to sign-up has passed. If you didn’t join, you are obviously a Sabanite.

Well, this did happen in my dreams, but now that I have you here, go ahead and sign up for the Bracket Challenge. You have a little over an hour (deadline: 11 am CDT).

It will take you all of thirty seconds to fill it out. Don’t do the cliche thing of not participating just because everybody asks you to fill one out. Be your own person. Besides, you can win stuff in this one without playing against 20 million other people, i.e. ESPN’s Tournament Challenge, and without forking over five bucks to some guy in your office when you know Sheila in accounting is going to win anyway.

Just put your little mouse pointer over this link and click. You will need to login/register at first. Once you are logged in, as long as you are in the right place, it will ask you for the pool password, which is ‘warblogle’.

If you already have a bracket with another group on, just login and then follow this link and click the ‘Import Picks’ button.

For more detailed instructions, read my previous post on this subject. Do the right thing for yourself and for America.

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WDEinTTown 03/18/2010 at 10:38 am

Tubby would be awesome. I still like the Avery Johnson suggestion but I don’t think Jay Jacobs even knows who Avery Johnson is.


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