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Week 10 Predictions

This Week: 10-1
Last Week: 8-1
Overall: 82-18 (82.0%)


South Carolina at Arkansas – Arkansas likes to beat teams at 11am in their place; teams that normally would probably beat them if it was played at any other time in any other place. South Carolina started their late season slide last week. Hawgs win.

Arkansas 34, South Carolina 21

Arkansas 33, South Carolina 16SUCCESS!

Eastern Kentucky at Kentucky – Ho…

Kentucky 44, Eastern Kentucky 16

Kentucky 37, Eastern Kentucky 12 SUCCESS!

Tennessee Tech at Georgia – Hum.

Georgia 38, Tennessee Tech 7

Georgia 38, Tennessee Tech 0SUCCESS!

LSU at Alabama – Ok let’s just be honest. Both of these teams are not near as good as everyone wants to make them out to be. LSU should have lost to Mississippi State, should have lost to Georgia, and has looked lackluster in every game this year, well besides the Auburn game. That game was against a struggling Auburn team that played it’s worst game of the season, though.

Alabama’s signature win came against Virginia Tech the first week of the season. Over the first few weeks this win still looked pretty strong. How does it look now that Virginia Tech has three losses? Alabama’s only other big win came two weeks ago against Tennessee, and we all know how they had to win that one.

Of course this game is getting major hype, after all, it’s a top 10 battle. But what we’ll see is both teams struggle offensively, which will be mistakenly called defensive mastery. The Tide will pull this one out with a late defensive stop.

Alabama 21, LSU 17

Alabama 24, LSU 15 SUCCESS!

Memphis at Tennessee – Tennessee usually ends its season with the weakest teams on its schedule. This one is no different. They will win this one, beat Kentucky, beat Vandy, and end up with a decent record.

Tennessee 38, Memphis 10

Tennessee 56, Memphis 28SUCCESS!

Vanderbilt at Florida – Did you know Brandon Spikes is suspended for this game? Did you know Vanderbilt only has two wins this season? Do you care?

Florida 31, Vanderbilt 14

Florida 27, Vanderbilt 3SUCCESS!

Northern Arizona at Ole Miss – Jevan Snead re-stakes his claim at the Heisman (yes, this will last all season) with a big two TD performance. Who knew Northern Arizona had a football team?

Ole Miss 41, Northern Arizona 3

Ole Miss 38, Northern Arizona 14SUCCESS!

Furman at Auburn – We all know what should happen in this one, and let’s hope it does. Auburn plays its starters for two and a half quarters and then clears the benches. Just don’t get anyone hurt.

Auburn 51, Furman 13

Auburn 63, Furman 31SUCCESS!

Other Games That Might Tickle Your Fancy

Ohio State at Penn State – Penn State will continue to warm the seat under Tressell.

Penn State 31, Ohio State 21

Ohio State 24, Penn State 7FAILURE

Oklahoma at Nebraska – Remember when this game mattered? Aren’t you glad that it doesn’t?

Nebraska 24, Oklahoma 20

Nebraska 10, Oklahoma 3SUCCESS!

Upset of the Week

Navy at Notre Dame – If Notre Dame beats Navy they should be taken down as Catholic terrorists shouldn’t they? Navy beat Notre Dame last year for the first time in 43 years. Domes beat the domes again.

Navy 31, Notre Dame 27

Navy 23, Notre Dame 21SUCCESS!

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Payton 11/05/2012 at 2:34 am

LSU at Alabama – Ok let’s just be honest. Both of these teams are not near as good as everyone wants to make them out to be.

yeah you really got it right. Alabama sucked in 2009!


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