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The View From Up Here – West Virginia

Leroy returns with his look at the wet and wild game against West Virginia. This was the only time that I wished I could sit in a skybox, at least before the game. I’m sure he’ll have lots to stay about that in this week’s review.1(2)Week 3 – West Virginia
by Leroy Jenkins

Hello again fellow Warblogles, Leroy Jenkins here with another look at Auburn football. It was a long night for Auburn and the fans, but we pulled out a big victory. Having luxury box tickets really paid off this week! While you guys were getting pounded by the monsoon, I was dry as a bone upstairs. The only umbrella I needed was the miniature one in my beverage.  Instead of ponchos we sported tuxedos. Not really, but you get the point.

Now on to the game itself….

It was a rough night for our running game, but we were able to move the ball pretty well through the air. Todd and Burns combined for 300 yards passing and 4 TD’s. The play that really turned it around in my opinion was the pass to Fannin in the flats. He took it straight up the field for a 80+ yard score. The defense really struggled to stop Devine and the big QB. We just couldn’t bring him down on the wet field. Speaking of the wet field, I really think it affected us more than it did West Virginia. Our outside running game wasn’t there because we couldn’t cut up field. The pass rush couldn’t get to the QB because of it as well. West Virginia racked up a lot of yards on our defense, but we stepped it up when it counted with 6 turnovers. That was obviously the difference in the game. Four straight possessions we picked off West Virginia…the final four possessions at that. That’s how you finish a game.  All in all, we didn’t play our best game, but we made the plays when it mattered most.

Let’s hope that we can bounce back on both sides of the ball next week. We need to really play well against Ball State. One thing that Chiz and his staff realize that Tommy didn’t is that style points matter. They matter as far as the polls, but more importantly they matter for recruiting. We had a lot of recruits at the West Virginia game, and we impressed a few. For those of you who don’t know, Michael Dyer (ESPN’s #1 Running back) was there, and he is all but a lock for us. Expect a commit in the next few weeks. I look for us to get the running game back on track this weekend. I’m betting we rush for over 350 on Ball State.  Until then, War Eagle!!

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