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Ranking the SEC after Week 6

There aren’t many changes at the top because the big names did what they were supposed to do, but some of the mid to low level teams are still finding their place in this coveted rankings. Oh, and YOU’LL NEVER GUESS WHERE I HAVE AUBURN.


1. Alabama (6-0)

Oh, we finally play a team with a pulse and it’s not so easy, is it?

Last week: #1, beat Texas A&M 27-19

2. Auburn (5-1)

Everything is clicking. Everything.

Last week: #2, beat Ole Miss 44-23

3. Georgia (6-0)

Their biggest win is by 1 point over Notre Dame. Otherwise, they’ve beat up on the SEC East and mid-tier SEC West teams.

Last week: #3, beat Vanderbilt 45-14

4. Texas A&M (4-2)

The Aggies might have some life. Remember, their two losses are from a monumental collapse against UCLA and to Alabama.

Last week: #4, lost to Alabama 27-19

5. Mississippi State (3-2)

The Maroons took a week off to lick their wounds from the Auburn loss. We’ll see what they can do over the 2nd half of the season.

Last week: #6, Bye Week

6. LSU (4-2)

The Purple Tigers beat Florida by a missed extra point. I’m not sure that takes the sting of the Troy loss away or just tells how bad Florida really is.

Last week: #8, beat Florida 17-16

7. Florida (3-2)

The Gators are not good. It’s a good thing they play in the SEC East.

Last week: #5, lost to LSU 17-16

8. Kentucky (5-1)

Hey look, Kentucky is 5-1. I mean, they barely beat Missouri, but they’ve only lost one game (by 1 point to Florida).

Last week: #9, beat Missouri 40-34

9. South Carolina (4-2)

Just when it looks like the Gamecocks are down for the count, they put 48 on Arkansas.

Last week: #10, beat Arkansas 48-22

10. Vanderbilt (3-3)

Yes, you can move up one spot in these coveted rankings after losing 45-14. It’s all fluid.

Last week: #11, lost to Georgia 45-14

11. Ole Miss (2-3)

Yes, you can move up one spot in these coveted rankings after losing 44-24. It’s all fluid.

Last week: #12, lost at Auburn 44-23

12. Arkansas (2-3)

Guys, the Hawgs are bad. And now they might be down a starting quarterback.

Last week: #7, lost at South Carolina 44-28

13. Tennessee (3-2)

Tennessee did not lose in embarrassing fashion this week. They also did not play.

Last week: #13, Bye Week

14. Missouri (1-4)

Missouri almost won themselves an SEC game, but they did not.

Last week: #14, lost at Kentucky 40-34

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