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Fulmer To Step Down

Fulmer to Step Down after the 2008 Season
by JackTheRabbit

Well it’s finally happened.  It’s Christmas come early for about 99% of the Orange Nation.  Phillip Fulmer has agreed to step down as Tennessee’s head football coach at the end of the 2008 season.  Fulmer is responsible for one national title, two SEC championships, and five SEC East Division championships since 1997.  However, with the Vols sitting at 3-6 this season, it is safe to assume that Tennessee will face their second losing season in four years.

Tennessee fans have long been calling for the firing or resignation of Fulmer and it now seems they will get their wish.  The morale of the fan base has seemed low since Tennessee lost their opener to UCLA at the beginning of the season, and now with Fulmer leaving maybe there will be a sense of relief.  Whatever happens, I hope Tennessee fans remember and respect what Fulmer has done for them as he leaves.  For a coach that has done so much for a program, he sure has been treated as though he’s done nothing but run that program into the ground.  I just hope our fanbase and admistration do not take a page out of Tennessee’s book and pressure Tuberville to step down anytime soon.

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