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2023-2024 Bowl Predictions – Week 1

Apparently I didn’t do bowl predictions last year? Hmm, maybe I was just worn out after another coaching search. Anyway, the 2023 regular season was one of my best, now let’s make the bowl season one of my best as well.

Bowls: 6-5 (54.5%)
Regular Season: 111-34 (76.5%)
Overall: 117-39 (75.0%)

Before you read ahead, run on over to the 2023-24 War Blogle Bowl Pick ’em and get your picks in. I know you want to see what I pick before you get into it. I’d want to follow genius, too, but I’m only picking the first week here. The others, you’ll have to wait. Games start Saturday, December 16th, so get to picking.


Myrtle Beach Bowl
Georgia Southern vs. Ohio – I think it’s rule that Ohio, or Toledo, or somebody like that has to be in the first bowl game every year. Where you’re like “yes, bowl games!” and then you’re like “oh, it’s the MAC.” Georgia Southern plays more real football than the MAC, so they’ll win.

Georgia Southern 23, Ohio 17

Ohio 41, Georgia Southern 21 – FAILURE

Cricket Celebration Bowl
Howard vs. Florida A&M – The Rattlers are 11-1?! Why is nobody talking about that? Howard, where Cam Newton’s brother used to play before coming to Auburn is 6-5. This is a no-brainer. Hissssss…..

Florida A&M 34, Howard 7

Florida A&M 30, Howard 26 – SUCCESS!

R+L Carriers New Orleans Bowl
Jacksonville State vs. Louisiana-Lafayette – Because there weren’t enough bowl eligible teams for all the bowl games, the Gamecocks of JSU got a spot in one. Louisiana-Lafayette calls themself Louisiana now. I will never. You are no better than UL-Monroe and don’t get to claim the whole boot.

Jacksonville State 31, Louisiana-Lafayette 24

Jacksonville State 34, Louisiana-Lafayette 31 – SUCCESS!

Avocados From Mexico Cure Bowl
Miami (OH) vs. Appalachian State – Is this sponsor a real company name or is it really just avocados from Mexico that banded together to come up with advertising fee? This game will be taking up space on ABC on a December Saturday. Amazing. Because App State beat Auburn in basketball and because Miami (OH) always causes confusion with the real Miami, it’s Mountaineers big.

Appalachian State 28, Miami (OH) 6

Appalachian State 13, Miami (OH) 9 – SUCCESS!

Isleta New Mexico Bowl
New Mexico State vs. Fresno State – Forget Florida State. New Mexico State deserved the last spot in the Playoffs. They beat Auburn by 21 and one of the Playoff teams beat Auburn by 3 on a miracle play. Is it really that hard?

New Mexico State 38, Fresno State 20

Fresno State 37, New Mexico State 10 – FAILURE

Starco Brands LA Bowl
UCLA vs. Boise State – What a weird matchup. Neither was as good as they are typically expected to be. Boise fired their coach. UCLA was supposedly doing the same, but I guess they haven’t/won’t. I don’t think it will be too close. It’s basically a home game for the Bruins.

UCLA 45, Boise State 17

UCLA 35, Boise State 22 – SUCCESS!

Radiance Technologies Independence Bowl
Cal vs. Texas Tech – Not a bad little matchup by name for the first day of bowl games. Cal is obviously very good given Auburn’s close win against them. Texas Tech is forgotten. Seriously, I don’t think I thought about them one time this year. This is a pick ’em.

Cal 20, Texas Tech 14

Texas Tech 34, Cal 14 – FAILURE


Famous Toastery Bowl
Western Kentucky vs. Old Dominion – This bowl game sounds delicious. Who doesn’t love toast? Don’t toast my meatball sub, though. Old Dominion is a team that shouldn’t win a football game by name alone. Western Kentucky has been known to be good, but they aren’t favored. Ah, who cares?

Western Kentucky 34, Old Dominion 21

Western Kentucky 38, Old Dominion 35 – SUCCESS!


Scooter’s Coffee Frisco Bowl
UTSA vs. Marshall – These Scooter’s Coffee places are popping up everywhere. Alex City. Birmingham. Everywhere. UTSA is orange and blue. Marshall is WE ARE MARSHALL. You have to pull for Marshall. But they won’t win.

UTSA 27, Marshall 10

UTSA 35, Marshall 17 – SUCCESS!

12/21 Boca Raton Bowl
South Florida vs. Syracuse – I hate bowl games that are sponsored by a website. I mean do we really need to say “dot com” in a bowl game. //looks up costs to Bowl in 2024. Alabama barely beat South Florida so the Bulls must be terrible. Syracuse still plays football? Fine, they’ll win.

Syracuse 17, South Florida 10

South Florida 45, Syracuse 0 – FAILURE


Union Home Mortgage Gasparilla Bowl
Georgia Tech vs. UCF – Nice little gold matchup here. UCF goes from Orlando to Tampa. Georgia Tech gets an actual vacation. Both of these teams looked okay at times, both had some weird losses. Let’s go with Gus.

UCF 34, Georgia Tech 31

Georgia Tech 30, UCF 17 – FAILURE

Now that I’ve picked the bowls, you should go join the bowl pick’em. Just make sure you have them in prior to each game, but go ahead and do them all so you don’t have to worry about it. There’s prizes and stuff.

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