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Auburn Releases 2015 Home Opener Hype Video

Last night, Jay Jacobs tweeted a four-second video clip of a what appeared to be football intro video playing on Auburn’s new video board. It was apparently only played for his staff as a preview of the board. So here’s what I did in hopes of finding out what song was playing on the video.

I found some janky site that will take a Twitter url and give you the video file in it, I ripped the audio from that file, and I played it on my laptop with Shazam open on my phone. It didn’t work. Then I found a few sites that allow you to upload audio files and tell you the name of the song. None worked. The video was too short. I gave up.

Then Auburn posted the video on their YouTube channel this morning. It was just a hype video — a good hype video — and not an intro video. Sometimes you lay your guts on the line and you come away empty-handed. And sometimes Auburn gives you stuff that wasn’t really what you were looking for, but is cool anyway.

Oh, and that aspect ratio was built for the BOOMtron.

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Patrick 09/09/2015 at 9:31 am

The aspect ratio on this video fits the new video board perfectly. I would expect this to be played at least a few times in-stadium.


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