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Week 6 Predictions: A Little Light Week

Well, Week 5 was just a Week 5. I enjoy not having to pick 14 games a week, but when it’s all SEC, they get tougher and if you know how math works, the less chances to get a game right, means each incorrect pick hurts way more.

This week: 5-3 (62.5%)
Last week:
6-3 (66.7%)
Overall: 58-15 (79.5%)

It’s sort of a light one this week. Many teams are playing bye and most everything else should be a pretty easy pick. Now watch me go 0-8. If you’re looking for more out of conference predictions, check with The Emporium.


Western Michigan at Mississippi State – Hoo boy. What an exciting matchup. There’s nothing better than Mississippi State football against a 2-3 team from the MAC. I just can barely… keep my eyes open.

Mississippi State 38, Western Michigan 7

Mississippi State 41, Western Michigan 28 – SUCCESS!

LSU at Missouri – The Purple Tigers were exposed last week, at least on the defensive side of the ball. And do y’all remember when Missouri started almost every year with like 4 weak non-conferences games and Vandy, and they’d always start out hot, get on a roll, and get way more credit than they should’ve? Yeah, that’s this year, too. I mean the Kansas State win was okay, but the’ve played NOBODY besides that, and they haven’t exactly blown them out. LSU blows them out.

LSU 38, Missouri 17

LSU 49, Missouri 39 – SUCCESS!

Alabama at Texas A&M – The Aggies’ defensive line looked like even more of a terror against Arkansas last week. Alabama’s weak point is offensive line. This might look like the Auburn game. I think the Aggies do what Texas A&M does a lot against Alabama: win.

Texas A&M 24, Alabama 17

Alabama 26, Texas A&M 20 – FAILURE

Vanderbilt at Florida – What says excitement like Vandy and a team that beat Tennessee but then struggled with Charlotte and was embarrassed by Kentucky? I’m going to predict The Swamp is half full for this one.

Florida 28, Vanderbilt 10

Florida 38, Vanderbilt 14 – SUCCESS!

Kentucky at Georgia – Just like we all expected. The combined 10-0 Kentucky-Georgia matchup. Kentucky is exactly Missouri. They’ve weakly beaten 4 weak opponents and knocked off a bigger name that isn’t that good. Georgia found something in the 4th quarter last week. They aren’t great, but they’ll be good enough at home to beat juggernaut Kentucky.

Georgia 31, Kentucky 20

Georgia 51, Kentucky 13 – SUCCESS!

Arkansas at Ole Miss – The Hawgs are what they always are. It’s just that people have run out of excuses for that funny ol’ guy Sam Pittman. Ole Miss still scores a lot of points and can’t play defense, but they won’t have to against Arkansas.

Ole Miss 48, Arkansas 24

Ole Miss 27, Arkansas 20 – SUCCESS!

Other Games of Note

Oklahoma vs. Texas (Dallas, TX) – It’s the last Big 12 Red River Rivalry. I have thought and heard about Oklahoma exactly zero times this year. Texas appears to be pretty good, but we’re basing that off beating Alabama. This one’s probably pretty even, so I’ll give it to Texas because their fans are so excited about being back again for the 12th time.

Texas 28, Oklahoma 27

Oklahoma 34, Texas 30 – FAILURE

Notre Dame at Louisville – I’m really not trying to predict a Notre Dame game every week, but they’ve been in about the only ranked-on-ranked games outside of the SEC. Louisville is a fluke. Notre Dame is above average.

Notre Dame 35, Louisville 10

Louisville 33, Notre Dame 20 – FAILURE

Now that you know who will win, head on over to the 2023 War Blogle Pick ’em and get your picks in. There will be weekly prizes and an overall winner at the end of the season. It’s easy. Do it.

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