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Ranking the SEC after Week 9

There were lots of teams playing BYE this week, so not too many changes. But there are a few moves we’ve been anticipating for a while. Oh, and YOU’LL NEVER GUESS WHERE I HAVE AUBURN.


1. Alabama (8-0)

The Tide took the week off to rest up for their last real test before the Iron Bowl. There may be a new #1 next week?

(Last week: #1, Bye week)

2. Auburn (6-2)

The Tigers went on the road and beat a better-than-their-record Ole Miss and has everybody’s attention right now.

(Last week: #2, beat Ole Miss 40-29)

3. Texas A&M (7-1)

The Aggies dispelled one of the worst college football programs in history. They still have three SEC West teams on the schedule. Auburn needs them to lose to one.

(Last week: #3, beat New Mexico State 52-10)

4. LSU (5-2)

The Purple Tigers are all rested up and hosting the Tide this weekend. They’ve gotten a little cocky since Coach O got ’em a few wins. We’ll see how good they are this weekend.

(Last week: #4, Bye week)

5. Florida (5-1)

You know they like to throw around the phrase “best two-loss team in the nation?” Well Florida is the worst one-loss team in the nation. Feeding on a terrible East. Their schedule finally ramps up over the last month.

(Last week: #6, beat Georgia 24-10)

6. Arkansas (5-3)

The Razorbacks had a week off to lick their wounds after the Auburn beating. They aren’t that bad, and they’ll beat somebody they probably shouldn’t.

(Last week: #7, Bye week)

7. Ole Miss (3-5)

I don’t think the Rebels are nearly as bad as their record. They’ve lost to some good teams. They have a good quarterback, but no defense, and can’t keep it going in the 2nd half.

(Last week: #8, lost to Auburn 40-29)

8. Kentucky (5-3)

Ummmm… Kentucky is 2nd in the SEC East. I think that tells us more about the SEC East than Kentucky, but props to them. Take advantage when your bellcows can’t handle it.

(Last week: #10, beat Missouri 35-21)

9. Tennessee (5-3)

I told you.

(Last week: #5, lost to South Carolina 24-21)

10. Georgia (4-4)

The DWAGS are starting to unravel. They have Nick Chubb on their team but he can’t get out of the backfield. Their defense isn’t anything special. They honeymoon may be over for Kirby.

(Last week: #9, lost to Florida 24-10)

11. Mississippi State (3-5)

Samford gave Mississippi State a little scare for a while. They definitely put some points on them, but the talent difference in bottom feeder of the SEC and upper echelon of the Southern Conference showed.

(Last week: #11, beat Samford 56-41)

12. Vanderbilt (4-4)

The Commodores took a week off to bask in the win over Georgia and prepare for Auburn. That’s like getting excited about what you got for Christmas and then realizing you have to back to school the next day.

(Last week: #12, Bye week)

13. South Carolina (4-4)

Opelika’s Jake Bentley lead the Gamecocks to their biggest win of the season by knocking of Tennessee. It made me very happy for two reasons: 1) Opelika, 2) knocking Tennessee fully off the undeserved hypewagon.

(Last week: #13, beat Tennessee 24-21)

14. Missouri (2-6)

Did you see how many people were at their loss to Kentucky? Why are they here?

(Last week: #14, lost to Kentucky 35-21)

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