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Texas A&M Review: A Stalemate and a Mistake

I hate talking about losses. Especially losses like this one. I want to move on and start thinking about the next game, the next opportunity to win and get this taste out of my mouth. Really, a post-loss review is about the last thing that I want to do. Good thing that they happen fewer than 90% of college football teams.

Let’s just get through this is bullet list style:

  • The defense gave up zero touchdowns. They gave up 12 points via 4 field goals. They played well enough for Auburn to win, but they also allowed a backup QB that looked like his arm had been shoved into his chest cavity come back out and stay in the pocket comfortably. Auburn needs pass rush.
  • Ladarius Tennison played really well on special teams and defense. That was a plus.
  • Texas A&M’s defense is 2nd to Georgia in terms of the best defenses Auburn will play this season, which can explain most of the issues Auburn had offensively.
  • The Auburn offensive line opened holes against Ole Miss and some against Arkansas, but there was nothing to run though against Texas A&M. They also gave Bo minimal time to find an open receiver.
  • There were no open receivers like there had been the last few weeks because the Aggie defense is better than the defenses Auburn had been playing.
  • There were a few more drops likely brought on by the tightness of playing a defense that they were struggling against.
  • If you think Bo is the problem or even a significant part of the problem with the offense, you are simple minded. He didn’t forget how to play football a week after you loved him for beating LSU, Arkansas, and Ole Miss. He played a tough defense, on the road, after their bye week. Frustration with receivers lining up in the wrong place, not being open, dropping passes, and then running for his life caused things like “trying to do too much” or inexplicably dropping the ball while running from yet another pass rusher.

The game was obviously frustrating for all involved. It was 3-3 at halftime. Anders missed a cheap shot that would’ve taken the lead. Every positive was backed up with a negative. The defense did enough, and eventually one fumble made the game look a little lopsided. Both offenses did nothing but get close enough to kick field goals. Take away the fumble, and the score was still 12-3. Fun.

Now it’s time for #StateHate.

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