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Ranking the SEC after Week 8

Apparently half the SEC didn’t want to play football last week, so there are very few changes to the rankings. As I said last week, we’ve pretty much gotten to the point where we know where most teams will be by the end of the season. Oh, and YOU’LL NEVER GUESS WHERE I HAVE AUBURN.


1. Alabama (8-0)

Alabama calls Tennessee their biggest rival because they beat them all the time. That’s the joke.

Last week: #1, beat Tennessee 45-7

2. Georgia (7-0)

The Dawgs got a rest. Maybe their win over Notre Dame means something now, but it was basically a home game.

Last week: #2, Bye Week

3. Auburn (6-2)

The Tigers did what they were supposed to do, and what they’ve been doing for most of the reason, despite mad people trying to forget.

Last week: #3, beat Arkansas 52-20

4. Texas A&M (5-2)

The Aggies got a rest and will now continue their annual 2nd half free-fall.

Last week: #4, Bye Week

5. Mississippi State (5-2)

Despite being blown out twice, the Maroons have handed out many blowouts themselves.

Last week: #5, beat Kentucky 45-7

6. LSU (6-2)

No, I do not think LSU is that good just because Auburn beat themselves two weeks ago.

Last week: #6, beat Ole Miss 40-24

7. Florida (3-3)

Florida’s done. Mark it. (they’ll probably beat Georgia)

Last week: #8, Bye Week

8. Kentucky (5-2)

It took a long time for Kentucky to get their 2nd loss, but it was done in very familiar fashion: a beatdown from a West team.

Last week: #7, lost at Mississippi State 45-7

9. South Carolina (5-2)

Good Lord, did anybody play last week?

Last week: #9, Bye Week

10. Vanderbilt (3-4)

Vanderbilt did not lose to bye week.

Last week: #11, Bye Week

11. Ole Miss (3-4)

A season that was already in the toilet just got worse with the loss of QB Shea Patterson.

Last week: #10, lost to LSU 40-24

12. Tennessee (3-4)

Hey look, Tennessee lost to Alabama.

Last week: #13, lost at Alabama 45-7

13. Arkansas (2-5)

The Razorbacks are not good, but a team like Auburn should blow them out.

Last week: #12, lost to Auburn 52-20

14. Missouri (2-5)

Missouri sure can put up tons, and I mean TONS of points on smaller teams. It’s a shame they can’t play in those conferences. Wait, I have an idea.

Last week: #14, beat Idaho 68-21

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