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Meet Bryan Harsin, Auburn’s New Football Coach

Auburn hired Bryan Harsin from Boise State back in 2020. It is now 2021 and this is my first mention of it on this here website. Why? Well, I mean Christmas and stuff. And most everything is out on Twitter, which is where I live. But you have seen everything out there about him, so why bore you?

That’s a terrible attitude. Bryan Harsin would not have it. You’re right. Let me get on it. Honestly, part of the reason is that I am starting to redo everything on the site as I’ve done with the last two coaching hires, and the less new content, the easier that is, but whatever.

Anyway, I’ve compiled all of the introductory videos Bryan Harsin has done since coming to Auburn.

We’ll start with his first, very long press conference:

Bryan Harsin meets with Andy Burcham:

Bryan Harsin’s message to the Auburn Family:

Lastly, I found this video of Coach Harsin talking to the Boise State media in 2019. If this doesn’t make you love him regardless of football, then just leave.

I’ll continue to update this as he makes the rounds. Surely there will be another presser once position coaches are announced. He’s already got a new Strength & Conditioning coach, Jeff Pitman, who has already gotten his own introductory video.

War Eagle, coach.

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