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Gameday Tweets – Alabama

I tweeted A LOT yesterday. Let’s break them up.



  • RT @slmandel All season I’ve been down on Auburn for its defense. Second half, they stonewalled Bama. They earned it.
  • RT @FootballAU Final score: Auburn 28, Alabama 27. Biggest comeback in school history! War Eagle!!
  • @edsbs Just shutup.
  • Heading there now. RT @krisburd @WarBlogle see ya at toomers.
  • 12 and Ohhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! #auburn #wareagle
  • I may roll your front road. RT @krisburd I may roll my front yard #auburnfootball
  • I’ve said it all year, but Ted Roof is the best halftime adjustment coach of all time. #auburn #wareagle
  • @edsbs Actually yeah, heard that Florida has 4 losses. Oh wait, that one isn’t BS.
  • He’s hurting guys. RT @JoeSportswriter @WarBlogle you are a disgrace to the Auburn nation.
  • How is he not? RT @FOTProgram Credibility immediately shot RT @WarBlogle: Ted Roof is the best halftime adjustment coach of all time.
  • I’m gonna need more than that from you. RT @espn4d Unreal comeback by the Tigers. Unreal gag by the Tide.
  • In case you’re wondering, the entire of population of Lee County that is not in Tuscaloosa is at Toomer’s right now.
  • Toomer’s
  • More Toomer’s: #auburn #wareagle
  • @FOTProgram Big win high, but definitely all season.
  • Hurting. RT @Scottmoney99 Funny you had no tweets until the end of the game. You’re nothin but a poser. Enjoy this while it’s eligible.
  • Video of Toomer’s soon.
  • RT @wesbyrum 12-0 and just took the Iron Bowl! Fans are amazing, this win was for the whole Auburn Family!
  • RT @Fosicks That has to be one of the best Iron Bowls in history!! Holla at us in ATL!
  • And yet more Toomer’s: #wareagle
  • It’s freaking cold at Toomer’s, but it feels better than being a Bammer right now. #imclassless #wareagle
  • Keepsake toilet paper in my pocket. Runny nose from the cold weather. Dare I? #wareagle #auburn #toomers
  • RT @ESPNDariNowkhah Congrats to Auburn!! An incredible win. And Heisman voters; send in the ballots. It’s Cam’s award. Done.
  • RT @TakeoSpikes51 Big shout out to my #Auburntigers. Making non-believers into Believers!! It’s gonna be a good night!!!!
  • RT @SupurMario27 It feels good to be a Auburn tiger…next Saturday is my birthday and how great will it be to win on it? Lehgo!!!
  • RT @ChrisVernonShow think about it this way Alabama fans, you only have to hear about it for 364 more days after today
  • RT @AC45AU Man it feel so good to be 12-0 when no one believed but the auburn family #ALLIN
  • #1 of this generation. RT @Z_Etheridge4 What you guys rank that IRON BOWL?
  • He did. RT @ThayerEvansFox: Newton might as well just strike the Heisman pose if he rallies Auburn to win.
  • RT @EB_TXmade Whats going down in auburn?
  • RT @PatFDye: Knee deep in 2-ply #toomers
  • I will. RT @Z_Etheridge4 I wonder if all those ppl downtown Auburn will be at the complex around 930? I hope so!!
  • RT @YoungMikeB66 12-0 feels great not satisfied tho on to da SEC championship Atlanta here we come
  • RT @slmandel Toss up between Fairley celebration and that Arizona personal foul for worst call of the day.
  • RT @RealSkipBayless Cam took over. Auburn D went from torchable to lockdown. McElroy, Julio hurt. Ultimate Bama humiliation. Low Tide.
  • 9:30. RT @cattylabby @WarBlogle what time are the players coming in tonight?
  • RT @PhillyLutz43 Needs to learn how to celebrate after touchdowns…I think I did a river dance!! O well! 12-0
  • RT @JHokanson Way to represent your fanbase. RT @wahoobama …graciously accepting vacation of all 2010 wins. I hope you die in an AIDS fire
  • @TZAC81AU @PhillyLutz43 Where are y’all now? Still getting in at 9:30?
  • RT @harbabd I have seen both Auburn and Oregon in person this year…both are great but Auburn is better
  • RT @Andy_Staples Spooky how deserted Bama’s campus is now. I know most students are home, but it’s like 100,000-plus just vanished.
  • Heading to the athletic complex to welcome the team home. Video recording device in tow. #auburn #wareagle
  • Sorry “coach”, they burned it to the ground. RT @PatFDye Did they move the Struttin Duck from Wire Road?
  • 930-ish supposably. RT @ChrisAla13 @WarBlogle What time they getting in?
  • RT @BobertBrannan @warblogle FACT: Auburn now has 100 wins this century AND Gene Chizik officially has a winning record as a head coach!
  • It was a joke. Thanks. RT @bweixlmann Supposably? AU education. RT @WarBlogle 930-ish supposably. RT @ChrisAla13 What time they getting in?
  • RT @ChrisAla13 According to @WarBlogle Auburn is arriving at the Athletic Complex around 9:30. Go give ’em a shout! 12-0.
  • RT @krisburd My 4yr old daughter on the way to Toomers for the 1st time “Daddy are we going to throw toilet paper at the Bama fans.”
  • Everyone: I was joking with the “supposably”. Supposably.
  • What do Greg McElroy and I have in common? Neither of us are Rhodes scholars.
  • Reverse Rammer Jammer at the welcome home party. Video won’t upload. I’ll post it later. #auburn
  • I am. RT @luke_allums @WarBlogle are you in amongst this huge crowd at the athletic complex?
  • Welcome home gathering: #auburn #wareagle
  • Should I be packing? RT @kennysmith @warblogle heads up. The gathered masses here are looking for you …
  • 1000-ish? RT @iambdiddy @WarBlogle how many folks are gathered out there
  • Life of a rockstar. RT @FansPoll @WarBlogle I tried not to make a big deal out of it bit you have too many fans here
  • The team’s almost here. #auburn
  • Got some great video of the welcoming, including Cam in the getaway car. Will post shortly. #auburn #wareagle
  • Didn’t see. Too mesmerized by Cam’s smile. RT @krisburd @WarBlogle was Tim Jackson driving the get away car?
  • No I have not. DOUBLE EAGLE!!! RT @cinco2seis @WarBlogle have you mentioned the coveted double eagle today?
  • The good thing about the Iron Bowl being on Friday is that I have two full days to bask and Bammers have two full days to woller. #auburn
  • Am I? RT @garrettexum @WarBlogle how does it feel to be the most popular tweeter on twitter??
  • New Blogle: An Iron Bowl-Induced Snowstorm #auburn #wareagle #sec
  • Boise State just lost. Is there enough crow in the world for the mass consumption that will take place after today? #herbie
  • New Blogle: The Tigers Return From Tuscaloosa
  • Good to meet @BradleyD2012, @duran_8, and @stephduran at the athletic conplex tonight. #wareagle
  • RT @Z_Etheridge4 I wonder if this picture will be a 2010 painting. What do you guys think?
  • RT @The_Corner_News Pic of Bryant-Denny during the 2nd half. War Damn Eagle.
  • If that’s what makes you feel better. RT @Scottmoney99 @WarBlogle when it’s all said and done, AU will always be little brother. Enjoy life.
  • Ohhh I like it. RT @kyleaune @WarBlogle Triple Eagle?
  • Douche canoe is back. RT @FOXSports Why won’t Auburn let Newton talk?
  • 12-0 and all is right, War Damn Eagle and goodnight! #bedtimepoetry #auburn

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