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2013-2014 Bowl Predictions – Week 2 (Pt. 1)

The 2nd week of the 2013-2014 bowl season features 22 games. Therefore, I will be splitting them into two parts. Mostly because I know you won’t read 22 game predictions, but also because I’m typing this in a McDonald’s on their spotty WiFi.

The first week of picks started off badly but got a little better. The picks in this first part of week 2 weren’t too easy, but the bowl names infuriated me.

Bowls: 9-10 (47.4%)
Regular Season: 145-33 (81.4%)
Overall: 154-43 (78.2%), ATS at 70-70 (50.0%)


Military Bowl (1:30 p.m. ESPN)
Marshall vs. Maryland – “We Are Marshall” is one of my favorite movies. Matthew McConaughey is equal parts dreamy and genius. But the reason for the movie is why I will never pull against the Thundering Herd. Maryland isn’t good either.

Marshall 27, Maryland 20

Marshall 31, Maryland 20 SUCCESS!

Texas Bowl (5 p.m. ESPN)
Syracuse vs. Minnesota – Texas Bowl huh? Couldn’t think of anything else? Why not just call it “The Bowl Game?” Both teams come from places covered in snow right now. One plays outside. One is a bunch of pansies, I mean, plays inside a dome. This game is in one of those retractable domes. Doesn’t matter. Minnesota ain’t too bad. Syracuse is ready for basketball.

Minnesota 34, Syracuse 14

Syracuse 21, Minnesota 17FAILURE

Fight Hunger Bowl (8:30 p.m. ESPN)
BYU vs. Washington BYU accepted their bid for this bowl back in September. Not really, but it really was about a month ago. Why give up on your BCS chances so early? Reach further for your goals.

Washington lost their coach to USC. They’ll be less than enthused.

BYU 28, Washington 21

Washington 31, BYU 16FAILURE


New Era Pinstripe Bowl (11 a.m. ESPN)
Rutgers vs. Notre Dame – Rutgers beat Arkansas by 4 points this year. Notre Dame can still all leave a bad taste in our mouths after last season’s BCS performance, but they didn’t only beat Arkansas by 4 points.Notre Dame 28

Notre Dame 31, Rutgers 28

Notre Dame 29, Rutgers 16 SUCCESS!

Belk Bowl (2:20 p.m. ESPN)
Cincinnati vs. North Carolina – When I think Belk Bowl I think of Cincinnati and North Carolina. It just fits doesn’t it? A mall store hosting two teams you’d probably buy from a mall. I don’t know what that means, but it makes sense to me. These two teams are perfect for each other. Tubby wins.

Cincinnati 34, North Carolina 20

North Carolina 39, Cincinnati 17FAILURE

Russell Athletic Bowl (5:45 p.m. ESPN)
Miami vs. Louisville – Anybody else just immediately think of cotton shorts when you read “Russell Athletic Bowl?” You have to give it to Russell, though. They are still kicking along. Just like these two teams who fell from lofty preseason expectations. This might be a decent game, but Miami lost their only true threat earlier in the season. Louisville in a close one.

Louisville 27, Miami 24

Louisville 36, Miami 9 SUCCESS!

Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl (9:15 p.m. ESPN)
Michigan vs. Kansas State – We’re not even trying to make bowl names prestigious anymore are we? Can’t we just call this the “Bro Bowl?” The “NFL Jersey Bowl?” If I were either of these prestigious to semi-presitigious teams, I would have declined the invite and just taken the teams to DisneyLand. Kansas State will win big.

Kansas State 38, Michigan 14

Kansas State 31, Michigan 14SUCCESS!


Bell Helicopter Armed Forces Bowl (10:45 a.m. ESPN)
Middle Tennessee State vs. Navy – You don’t beat Navy in a militarily named bowl. That’s it.

Navy 17, Middle Tennessee State 10

Navy 24, Middle Tennessee State 6SUCCESS!

Franklin American Mortgage Music Bowl (2:15 p.m. ESPN)
Ole Miss vs. Georgia Tech – Ole Miss had a few good wins this year. Then they lost to Mississippi State. Georgia Tech almost knocked a Murray-less Georgia but fell in OT. Both teams want to avenge those regular season ending losses badly. The hurry up versus the oldest school football you’ll see today. I’ll go with the SEC, I guess.

Ole Miss 31, Georgia Tech 14

Ole Miss 25, Georgia Tech 17 SUCCESS!

Valero Alamo Bowl (5:45 p.m. ESPN)
Oregon vs. Texas – Well the names are big, but the situations are a little different. Oregon had BCS hopes. Texas is sending off Mack Brown. Oregon is a little down. Texas is playing for a guy who did them good for a little while. Regardless of the talent and schemes, I don’t see how Texas loses a game like this.

Texas 31, Oregon 27

Oregon 30, Texas 7FAILURE

National University Holiday Bowl (9:15 ESPN)
Arizona State vs. Texas Tech – I have given Arizona State almost no credit this season just because of how they were incorrectly given their win over Wisconsin very early in the season. They are actually pretty good. Much better than some cool shades and a five o’clock shadow.

Arizona State 41, Texas Tech 24

Texas Tech 37, Arizona State 23FAILURE

Now that I’ve picked the bowls, you should go join the bowl pick’em. Just make sure you have them in prior to each game, and you’ll need at least 30 games to qualify.

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