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Week 10 Predictions: Following Perfection

You’re reading that right. I didn’t miss a game last week. I picked LSU over Ole Miss. I picked Arkansas over UAB. These were bold picks and they all worked. Now let’s continue this roll.

This Week: 5-4 (55.6%)
Last Week: 8-0 (100.0%)
Overall: 75-26ca (74.3%)


UL-Monroe at Texas A&M – One time, with Nick Saban at the helm, UL-Monroe beat Alabama. That is all.

Texas A&M 52, UL-Monroe 14

Texas A&M 21, UL-Monroe 16 SUCCESS!

Florida at Georgia – Remember when this one mattered? It was about the last time Alabama and Tennessee mattered. Yeah, I don’t remember any of that either. Georgia doesn’t have Gurley, who will be conveniently resting until the Auburn game. Florida is terrible and waiting until the end of the season to fire Muschamp. Georgia will win big.

Georgia 38, Florida 7

Florida 38, Georgia 20FAILURE

Kentucky at Missouri – Missouri backs up a massive 10-point victory over Vanderbilt with a huge matchup with Kentucky. No, but really, Kentucky is going to beat them. You watch and see.

Kentucky 31, Missouri 21

Missouri 20, Kentucky 10FAILURE

Old Dominion at Vanderbilt – Seriously? Seriously?! Get out. Just go. No, don’t stop. Go. I don’t want to look at your face anymore.

Vanderbilt 21, Old Dominion 17

Vanderbilt 42, Old Dominion 28 SUCCESS!

Arkansas at Mississippi State – UPSET ALERT. Nah, not really, but it’ll be close for a while. Arkansas is trying to get a little swagger, while Mississippi State is trying to lose to Kentucky. The Razorbacks are going all Spurrier this week, though. They have nothing to lose. They might even let their quarterback throw a touchdown pass.

Mississippi State 42, Arkansas 24

Mississippi State 17, Arkansas 10 SUCCESS!

Tennessee at South Carolina – These two teams have played 8 games a piece and have lost 9 total games. What looked to be promising seasons for the Vols and Cocks have turned into nightmares. Spurrier used every trick he had last week and it wasn’t enough. This week he won’t need them and it will be enough.

South Carolina 38, Tennessee 28

Tennessee 45, South Carolina 42FAILURE

Auburn at Ole Miss – Check my game preview later today for my score prediction. SPOILER ALERT: Ghosts of Mississippi.

Auburn 35, Ole Miss 17 SUCCESS!

Other Games of Note

TCU at West Virginia – Watch out. TCU has done enough that they can finish out their semi-light schedule and they’ll sneak into the Top 4. Watch. BUT WAIT, these Mountaineers ain’t no slackers. Plus, I’m sure Jesco White is a big fan and can make some Horned Frogs dance if things get too close, if you know what I mean. West Virginia with the upset.

West Virginia 41, TCU 35

TCU 31, West Virginia 30FAILURE

Stanford at Oregon – Stanford isn’t what they’ve been recently, but Oregon is exactly what they’ve been recently: the team that’s going to lose an inexplicable game or two because one little part of their game is off. But Stanford won’t be able to stop Oregon at home. So fine, the Ducks will win… I guess.

Oregon 45, Stanford 34

Oregon 45, Stanford 16 SUCCESS!

Now that you know who will win, head on over to the 2014 War Blogle Pick ’em and get your picks in. There will be weekly prizes and and overall winner at the end of the season. It’s easy. Do it.

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