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The View From Up Here – Ball State

For the second week in a row, I sat in the rain while Leroy sat in the dry lap of luxury. I wonder if he was sitting there laughing at the little ants being pelted by the rain. No matter how much he gloats, I’m sure we had more fun than him. Leroy gives us his thoughts on the Ball State game and where he sees the Tigers going from here.
1(2)Week 4 – Ball State
by Leroy Jenkins

Hello again chumps, Leroy Jenkins here again with my take on the Auburn game. It was another nice night to be sitting in the box, that’s for sure. Nice and dry is the best way to root on the mighty Tigers. I was pissed that I forgot my umbrella though. My cocktail just wasn’t the same without it.

During the first quarter I felt like I was watching Tony Franklin’s Tigers. We just looked bad at the beginning of the game. During the last 3 quarters I felt like I was watching Florida’s offense. Every drive seemed to bring a huge play. I believe we scored TD’s on 4 straight possessions in the first half. We ended up with 560 total yards… 306 passing and 254 rushing. Overall it was a nice showing for the offense. Speaking of the offense, we now are tied with Florida for the top total offense in the SEC, oh wait, I mean the NATION. A far cry from last year’s production, that’s for certain.

On the other side of the ball, we have a lot of work to do. The defense gave up a lot of points to a bad team. Granted, the first team defense really only gave up 10 points on legitimate drives. Two of Ball State’s scores came after turnovers gave them the ball around our 30. The second team defense didn’t get it done at all. It has been a much discussed topic that our defense lacks depth. That was apparent this week. I think our defense will fare much better against a traditional style offense like Tennessee runs. We don’t do well against the spread… which is surprising since we practice against it all of the time.

Overall you have got to be happy at this point to be 4-0. October will be the month that will determine what kind of season we are going to have. I believe we truly have a chance to win the West now. LSwho will get beat at least 2 times. Ole Siss was exposed as well. If we can somehow survive until the Iron Bowl, we could be looking at that game to determine who gets beat by Florida in Atlanta. I know I may be getting way ahead of myself here, but at this point you have got to say Alabama has looked the best, and Auburn second best. Surprised? I am.

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