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Interesting Tidbits during the Bye Week

Welcome back ‘bits…

  • It’s been a semi-eventful week in regards to Cam-gate. First TMZ reported this, which somehow made an actual connection between Auburn and McGregor for some people.
  • Then this was reported, without any attention given from the guys who reported the previous possible connection.
  • Around the same time, we were told that Bill Bell told the NCAA that he had text messages from Kenny Rogers outlining a payment plan that Cecil Newton had requested. Well, the problem is that Bell said the text messages were on a water-damaged cell phone. Sure they were, Billy. Either way, texts or not, the claim does nothing. It’s just another detail about a deal that never went down.
  • As if these stories didn’t have enough humor within them, Rogers’s lawyer even called his client stupid.
  • As I said, this is nothing new, and the Newton’s lawyer reiterated yesterday that Cam knew nothing and no money ever changed hands.
  • Sit back, read everything after the first post, and just laugh. Scared isn’t a strong enough word for what they are.
  • Why shouldn’t they be scared? The NCAA, the FBI, TMZ, ESPN, and The New York Times can’t bring the Tigers down, so how can Bama?
  • If my team was playing a team with not one, but two players on the Walter Camp watch list, I’d be worried too.
  • Apparently “dirty players” can still be named a finalist for national awards. They must understand the point of football.
  • Speaking of said “dirty player”, he has really stepped up this year, and won’t be suspended for the Iron Bowl, which is the right move.
  • Yeah, I wrote this.
  • Did you think Auburn ran the ball well last year? Well, they’ve gotten better. I don’t see Alabama anywhere on this list.
  • Did you know that Cam Newton is 197 yards from breaking the single season rushing record for a quarterback? You did know that? Oh, well then you don’t have to click this.
  • That Kirk Herbstreit is such an idiot, with his picking the winner of the West before the season started and all.
  • If you are a student and didn’t win a ticket in the SEC Championship Game lottery, there is an event on Facebook that is trying to push Auburn to show the game in the stadium.
  • The boys are still representing.
  • Lastly, Auburn will play three basketball games over the next three days. Go watch one at least.

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