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Gameday Tweets: Auburn 20, Kansas St. 14

WarBlogle_twitterThe gameday cell service in Manhattan, Kansas was about that of 2010 Auburn, AL. It was decent in the mornings, decent during actual gameplay, but non-existent during timeouts, halftime, etc. That being said, I don’t tweet much during games anyway. The bulk of these were pictures I posted to Instagram to give stay-at-home fan a glimpse of the football in the midwest. Follow me.


During game:

  • Lehgo.
  • Leading after that half….
  • Kansas State lets fans out of the stadium at halftime, and they all go back to their tailgate. The stadium is half full right now.
  • In-game analysis: the Big 12 officials have missed two blatant clips by the Big 12 team. Gus even told them to watch for it on the last one.
  • Dang it. WE : Good to see at the game.
  • Best catch of Trovon Reed’s career.
  • Kansas State is the absolute kings of hype/highlight videos. I mean that in the sense that they play a video between EVERY. SINGLE. PLAY.


  • Kansas State fans, boo-ers of everything, boo-ing the fact that Auburn took a knee to end the game. Smart football up here.
  • Remember, Manhattan is “one of the toughest places to play and Thursday makes it worse,” but Auburn didn’t win by 50 so they’re terrible.
  • On the real, other than the student that purposely bumped me going into the bathroom, probably the nicest fanbase I’ve ever experienced.
  • It’s a different chant and they do their weird hand signal, but close. WE : So KSU fans do the FSU chop as well?
  • 3-0 and all is right. War Damn Eagle and goodnight!

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Matt 09/21/2014 at 8:09 pm

Coco Bolos is good, particularly the one in OP KS.


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