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Join the 2014 War Blogle Bracket Challenge

Bad news, guys. Yeah, Auburn didn’t make the tournament this year. I know. It’s tough. Thought we had it this time. Fortunately, the War Blogle Bracket Challenge doesn’t have to change its motto for the first time in a decade. It’s still “No Auburn means no pressure.”

BUT WAIT. That all changes after this year. Bruce loves pressure. He has told me personally that Auburn will make the tournament every year until the end of time. So this is your last chance to do a fun bracket and not have to find a way to keep Auburn out of the championship for fear of being called a homer.


As always, you need a login to join, and if you are asked for a group password after going here, it is ‘warblogle’. Have fun. Pick responsibly. Invite your friends. Make friendly wagers with each other. Whatever. Actually, whatever you do, don’t be a hipster that doesn’t do brackets because everyone is telling you to do one. War Blogle’s was the first and the best.

Oh prizes… well I know someone will get an Auburn Alma Mater Map, which is awesome. I may throw a t-shirt in there for fun. Just know that it’s not just for pride, unless that’s all you want, which is fine with me.

Anyway, have fun and hurry up. The games start Thursday morning and you have to have all your picks locked in by then.

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